Dominate in 2013

13 Ways to Dominate in 2013: The Best Articles of 2012

Dominate in 2013Some of my favorite parts of December are my two posts on What I Learned in 2012 and my top posts of 2012.  I love looking back on the year and reviewing what I had published and what YOU, the reader, found interesting!


2012 in Review

A bunch of great stuff happened in 2012, here are a few highlights:

  • We really grew online this year, introducing my Inner Circle premium membership program, and, by far the best educational site on the web.  I am proud to be affiliated with these AdvancedCEU programs and can’t believe how popular they have been.  It has been fun.
  • We had a 67% increase in visitors to this website in comparison to 2011!  That is a huge increase.
  • This was partly due to a 5% increase in international visitors, a goal that I am proud of and love the fact that we are reaching new people!
  • In total people from 195 different countries visited this site.  Thanks to that one dude in Swaziland that visited!  They didn’t come back for a second visit but they did spend 2 minutes and 24 seconds reading!
  • I was surprised to see that the #1 web browser that accessed this site was Safari, followed by Internet Explorer, no doubt due to how many people are viewing this from an iPhone or iPad.
  • Probably the stat I am most happy with was the % of people searching Google and finding this site with the search term “Mike Reinhold” had decreased significantly!  Yeah, you guys are starting to spell my name right!


Top Posts for 2012

Below is a list of the most read posts of 2012.  The list is in no specific order, as an article published in January will naturally get more traffic than something published a month ago.


What is Coming Up in 2013?

I always have a huge lists of projects I want to complete each year, but here is a sneak peak of what I am working on for next year:

  • I promise I will finish my educational program on instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization,  I have been working on this for over a year now and it always gets put to the “to-do” pile when other projects come up.  But I have been talking about this for too long and too many people have been begging me to finish!  I am planning something short and sweet and very affordable, just a small program teaching you the basics to get you started.  I am looking forward to this and will get it done, I promise.
  • I am working on the next component of the Functional Stability Training Integrated Rehabilitation and Performance System, the follow up to Functional Stability Training for the Core.
  • I have a super special surprise coming in 2013!  My online CEU program for the shoulder at was so hugely popular that I am super excited to be working on a similar project, but this time a different body part!  Let’s just say that it isn’t the shoulder, the body part rhymes with “Glee,” and I am co-authoring it with someone that rhymes with “Wevin Kilk.”  This will be good…


Happy holidays and hope everyone has a great 2013!




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  1. Wim Comptdaer
    Wim Comptdaer says:

    Mike ,

    Thx for this year, learned a lot from you and your site.
    Keep doing this !!!!
    Have a great christmas and a happy new year.

    Greetings from Belgium


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