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facebookYou’d never guess how many emails from people asking questions that I receive on a daily basis.  I tend to respond to 99% of them (sorry if you were the 1%…).  There are so many great questions that I wanted to have a formal live Q&A, sort of like an “ask my anything” session, so that everyone can learn from each other’s questions.

I’m swamped right now preparing for the release of Eric Cressey and I’s latest educational product Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body (it comes out next week!!!), so rather than write an article for today, I thought I would host a live Q&A this week.

Join me this Wednesday night, May 7th, at 8:30 PM EST on my Facebook page.  I’ll be online and will start a thread to “ask me anything.”

Here is the link to my Facebook page:


Hope you can attend!


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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    Question: I have a “young” 70 year old male client, very fitness-oriented, s/p L CVA with R hemiparesis…..proprioception inconsistent; first of all, thanks to much of what I have learned from Cross Country Education seminars which ultimately led to signing up for your class, he continues to improve! A year ago I was dealing with a textbook case of a winged scapula, and that is so much better! Now I am challenged with re-gaining functional UE motion. The weird thing is, he has the strength individually within his joints, just lacks the proprioception for functional motion, esp at the shoulder level. I have tried a number of techniques in side-lying to integrate shoulder stability and mobility with closed chain approach. Note he has a pretty full elbow flex/ext against gravity but he lacks ability to maintain neutralized pronation/supination for functional reach. He seems to be able to “hold” a neutral position of ER while side-lying. His arm would be too heavy for him to “hold” a long arc of his arm in any position, so he actually does a short arc version of abduction 0-100 degrees pretty consistently while side-lying.

    Question: any chance first of all could you see him as a client for a session or two in Boston this summer?

    Secondly, I may be answering my own question here, but I am looking for innovative ways to overcome that “heavy” arm for shoulder flexion against gravity. I have just started prone positions. Thinking about rythmic stabilizations in modified prone position. I have held off on prone positions for quite a while because I was concerned about promoting subluxation; however we have done so much ER work in side-lying and his rotator cuff seems to be holding up well……I realize this stroke rehab could be a work in progress for a long time….

  2. Diana
    Diana says:

    While I am pending your comments, let me also just clarify my approach with prone. I realize it would be great for weight-bearing and all to get him into a quadruped position but that is a problem because of issues with weak quads/hamstrings. I won’t rule this out for the future.

    In terms of prone, I am just starting to have him lie on his stomach, R arm dangling over side of mat…..so initially I was concerned about endangering his subluxation. I am no longer concerned about this as I feel like he is gaining ground with his rotator cuff. Maybe just a sixth sense on this one…

    Anyway I am trying to get him to “hold” arm in hor abd or scaption. I believe I can continue to build on this with him “holding” a larger arc and for longer periods of time.

    Abduction-wise, he is extremely gifted and has the ability to prone-row. I think his posterior capsule must be doing very well.

    Any more thoughts or suggestions welcome!

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