Assess And Correct: A Great Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise DVD

Assess and Correct – Take Your Performance to the Next LevelI’ve talked a lot over the past several years on this website about one of the key things that I find most therapists and rehabilitation specialists lacking in their education and clinical skills – simply understanding how to assess and correct dysfunctional movement patterns.  It is hard to teach both WHY you need to look past a simple joint examination and more into how the joint pathology relates to dysfunctional movement patterns, and also HOW to do this.  This is not an obvious component to many of our backgrounds.  I too have found myself stuck in my ways looking just at the injured joint and not the dysfunctional movement patterns, sort of like seeing the forest through the trees, I guess???

Trust me when I tell you that if you change your thought process you will see an outstanding change in your outcomes.

I’m a little behind here, but I wanted to share with you a great DVD on this topic called “Assess and Correct: Breaking Barriers to Unlock Performance” by my friends Eric Cressey, Mike Roberston, and Bill Hartman.  They released this product many months ago and I have been meaning to write about it for a while now.  But…  my procrastination has actually benefited my readers!  I emailed Eric and Mike to let them know I was going to write about the DVDs and they were gracious enough to offer a limited time discount to my readers!  The DVD set is normally $127 but for a limited time my readers can purchase for $97 by following the below link.  This offer expires at the end of the day Friday. (UPDATE: This offer is over, but this is still a great product at any price).   This is a special offer for you and you will have to follow the below link – DO NOT go to the Assess & Correct website, you can only get this discount through the links on this page.  Read more about it Assess & Correct, my review, and watch a few clips below.

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Assess & Correct

The concept behind Assess & Correct is similar to those of more familiar “movement screens” but much more advanced.  In total there are 27 assessment techniques and 78 correct exercises that correspond to each assessment.

Assess & Correct can be considered a dual purpose education DVD.  While the content will surely benefit rehabilitation and fitness specialists that work with injured and healthy clients, the content can also be applied by people themselves.  So this is something you can learn from, apply in your practice, and also recommend to athletes and active individuals to use on their own in the future as well.

But don’t let the fact that the content can be applied by people themselves scare you away, the information on these DVDs is very helpful to rehabilitation specialists to enhance our clinical examination process.  Once functional movements are assessed, corrective exercises can be prescribed as treatments.  The DVDs contain both simple and advanced corrective techniques to apply to a wide variety of sedentary people to high performance athletes.


My Thoughts on the DVDS

The set includes 2 DVDs.  The first is dedicated to assessing movement patterns. There is a huge list of techniques for the entire body that will allow you to assess movement from head to toe including upper extremity, lower extremity, and core movement patterns.  Here is an example of an assessment technique:

The second DVD contains a ton of corrective exercises for each of the assessment techniques on the first DVD.  The exercises progress from simple to advanced for each technique and offer a wide variety of exercises to choose from.  Here is a basic corrective exercise:

And there are also many more advanced corrective exercises for each technique as well, like this:

These clips are from the assess & correct website, but in all honest, while these are great, I actually think these are some of the least impressive clips on the DVDs.  Many of the other techniques are way better.

Some of the highlights of the DVDs to me include the impressive production value.  Each assessment technique and corrective exercise is filmed from multiple angles and narrated to assure that the technique is easy to see and understand.  Each technique is also followed by “coaching cues” to review some tips on to perform each correctly.  I found these pretty helpful as I have witnessed many people doing these techniques poorly.  The manual is also outstanding and a great resource.  The first thing that went through my mind when looking at it was, “woah, this must have taken a lot of time to put together!”  It’s so detailed with a ton of photos and information.

Eric, Mike, and Bill also did a great job putting together a great variety of thoughtful and innovative techniques to use.  They share with us many techniques that they have all spent their careers developing.

As a physical therapist and athletic trainer, I know that I can apply many of these techniques in my clinic with patients and in my training center with athletes.

I have no doubt that if you pull out a bunch of these techniques in your clinic, you’ll be the envy of all your co-workers!

Plus, integrating new functional techniques will be way more fun for you and rewarding for your patients.  Looking at functional movement and applying corrective exercise techniques is a trend that we should all be applying with our injured and healthy patients and clients.


Bonus Offers Included

There are a few bonuses that are included with the DVD package too, I thought these would be worth mentioning.  Included in the Assess & Correct package are:

  • DVD #1: Comprehensive Guide to Assessment
  • DVD #2: Individualized Corrective Exercise Progressions
  • Bonus #1 and #2: The Assess and Correct E-Manual, which is not only a guide to review your assessments on DVD #1, but also includes written cues and photos for every recommended drill in DVD #2 so.  (PLEASE NOTE: These two bonuses have been merged into one document for easier downloading.)
  • Bonus #3: “The Great Eight Static Stretches” E-Manual, which shows you eight additional flexibility drills that the authors use on a regular basis in addition to the drills featured in the DVDs.
  • Bonus #4: The “Optimal Self Myofascial Release” E-Manual, which shows you many soft tissue methods and techniques that the authors use use.


Click Here to Learn More About Assess and Correct Assess and Correct  – Take Your Performance to the Next Level

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    This looks very similar to what Shirley Sahrmann teaches in the movement system impairment (MSI) approach to examination. Is this more geared toward the athlete? As a graduate from her system I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what they refer to as "Assess and Correct". Would this be redundant material or is there new concepts to be realized.


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