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Bench Press, Shoulder Pain, and Strength Training for Weight Management

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Lee Taft, Chris Johnson, and Ryan DeBell.

Inner Circle Updates

My new Inner Circle webinar is now available, I recorded a live demonstration of how I assess overhead shoulder mobility.  A loss of overhead shoulder mobility is one of the most common and symptomatic movement dysfunctions that I personally see.  And the funny thing is, many people don’t even realize they have lost overhead mobility!  In this presentation I am going to show you what I do to assess overhead shoulder mobility so you can be as accurate as possible.

Also, I like to offer a special discount for my Inner Circle members each month.  This month Erson Religioso and I are offering 20% off and 10% off all of Erson’s Edge Mobility System products to get you started with IASTM in 2016!  Inner Circle members can log into the dashboard to see how to get the discounts!

Join my Inner Circle: Updates has a new presentation up from Josh Hackel, MD, discussing The World of Biologics: PRP and Stem Cell Update.  In this presentation Dr. Hackel discusses current evidence regarding regenerative medicine and its uses. This presentation will:

  • Define Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP) and discuss their mechanisms of action.
  • Discuss uses for PRP and IRAP.
  • Discuss reasons to use stem cells.
  • Overview evidence of multiple stem cell treatments.

Please visit to learn more about joining and accessing this webinar and more than 100 other great webinars:


The #AskMikeReinold Show

I recently announced that I am going to be starting a podcast in 2016!  My thought is to make it a show where we record us live at Champion answer YOUR questions!  I want it to be brief, somewhere between 10-20 minutes a show, but I also want it to be impactful.  Rather than pick random topics and interviews, I want to help you with your questions.  Plus, it’s going to be live with my team at Champion.  Lenny Macrina will be a big part of the show and you’ll be seeing many of our strength coaches, interns, PT students, and event clients at times!  It’s going to be like you are part of the team!

We have recorded a few episodes already and are close to starting to release them!  Click the link below and submit a question for us to answer on the show.  Feel free to fill out the form more than once, we’ll select as many questions as we can:


Apply for the Summer Strength Internship at Champion PT and Performance

We are now accepting applications for our summer strength internship position for those looking to learn the strength and conditioning system we use to enhance fitness, sports performance, and how we integrate with physical therapy.  This is an amazing full time learning experience.  Applications are due February 1st 2016 and we will have many applicants so please apply soon if interest!


Certified Speed and Agility Specialist

Lee Taft has recently release a certification program for those looking to specialize in speed and agility training.  I have watched the program and it is outstanding.  I am serious.  Our coaches at Champion will be going through the program!  If you want more info, it’s $100 off this week.  Deadline to enroll is tomorrow!


Bench Press Modifications for Shoulder Pain

What a combo!  Chris Johnson and Ryan DeBell share a nice video on how to modify the bench press for those with shoulder pain.


Strength Training Reduces Waist Size

A nice study was recently published that showed that weight training had the largest correlation to controlling waist size as men age.



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