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Best Articles, Videos, and Podcasts of 2016

Wow, can you believe 2016 has flown by so fast? For those that are new to the website, or may have missed some of my articles, I love to wrap up the year with an article featuring the best posts of the year.

I am more amazed every year as we continue to grow together. We had more than 2 million people visit MikeReinold.com this year (a number that amazes me everyday), we had over 300,000 people tune in to the new podcast we launched this year, and we have had 1000’s of people watching my Inner Circle webinars.

In addition to all the great content, I’ve been super busy with new and updated educational products:

Wow, what a year! Thanks so much to everyone. Check out the most popular articles, videos, and podcasts of 2016, and I’ll see everyone next year.


Top Article of 2016

This year’s most popular article was a bit of a surprise to me! I know that my readers often have a bit of a baseball interest, but this is the first year that a baseball related article has been the top article of the year!

This article took me months to develop in my mind, but years to come up with some of the research included. Reducing injuries in baseball is a huge area of interest to me, and unfortunately we aren’t getting better, we are getting worse.

The popularity of this article hit mainstream as publications like The Boston Globe actually discussed it along with some noteworthy journalists like Peter Gammons.


Most Popular Articles of 2016

This year featured a nice variety of popular posts, including two guest posts!


Most Popular Ask Mike Reinold Podcast Episodes of 2016

Early in 2016 we kicked off our new podcast where we sought to answer YOUR questions on a weekly basis. We really love doing this and hope you are learning from the episodes. Hang out with us for 15 minutes like you are part of our staff meetings at Champion!

We published 49 episodes this year!  We just recorded our 50th with a special surprise guest appearance, which is coming in early January!  Here are some of the most popular:


Most Popular Inner Circle Webinars of 2016

Each month I publish an exclusive presentation for my Inner Circle members. This year I shifted away from always doing a live webinar and more towards recording some of our staff inservices at Champion. I really like this format and found it to be very educational for all. Here are the most popular Inner Circle webinars of the year:


Thanks so much for everyone that has come to this website!  See you in 2017…