Breathing Pattern Disorders, Testing For UCL Sprain, Training Lateral Chain Stability

Catch up on all my latest content and articles to read from around the web.  This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Sian Smale, Lenny Macrina, and Dean Somerset.


My Latest Article

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make Returning to Training After a Shoulder Injury

We have found helping someone return to highly demanding training environments following a shoulder injury is one of the trickiest areas to navigate. The knowledge our mentors have taught us and the experiences working with clients at Champion has given us some great insight to this challenge. We’ve experienced what works, what didn’t, and what really derails people when trying to get back to the training they love. In an effort to help readers out, here are five of the most common errors we see made when trying to return back to training following shoulder injury.

My Latest Inner Circle Update

How to Diagnose and Treat Hamstring Strains

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on How to Diagnose and Treat Hamstring Strains is now available.

This Week’s #AskMikeReinold Podcast

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ask mike reinold show

When to Perform Arm Care, Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Mobility, Muscle Energy Techniques

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about when and how baseball players should perform arm care, how the thoracic spine influences shoulder mobility, and using muscle energy techniques to restore ROM.

Latest Articles on Elite Baseball Performance

  • The Thought Process of a Big Game Pitcher
    by Dan Blewett on March 13, 2018 at 10:00 am

    Why do flame-throwing rookies have such a hard time getting outs, despite amazing ability? Regardless of how hard a pitcher throws, he must learn how to read hitters, execute pitches, and process all the information he’s given on every swing a hitter takes. The post The Thought Process of a Big Game Pitcher appeared first on Elite Baseball Performance. […]

  • Best Baseball Articles – March 11, 2018
    by Mike Reinold on March 11, 2018 at 11:00 am

    Each week EBP publishes a list of the top baseball articles from around the web on a variety of articles on baseball coaching, skill training, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and more. This week's articles: Balancing Development With Winning, The Body Is A Three-Link Chain, Low Back Injury and the Rotational Athlete. The post Best Baseball Articles – March 11, 2018 appeared first on Elite Baseball Performance. […]

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This Week’s Stuff You Should Read From Around the Web

Breathing Pattern Disorders: Where Do They Fit In?

Sian Smale discusses the two approaches she takes when working on breathing with clients.

Testing the elbow for a UCL sprain in baseball players

Lenny Macrina teaches us how he diagnoses elbow injuries.

Sittin’ Sideways: Training Lateral Chain Stability

Dean Somerset gives us a little more to think about than just working in the sagittal plane.




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