Brian Mulligan’s NAGS, SNAGS, and Mobs with Motion

Several weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to host Brian Mulligan at his first baseball game and have him present a private workshop for my staff.  What an experience!  In addition to providing some excellent treatment techniques, he (and his colleague Brian Folk) also managed to help some of us with low back pain, hamstring tightness, and lateral epicondylitis!


For those that don’t know, Brian Mulligan is a world renowned physical therapist from New Zealand.  He is the originator of the NAGS, SNAGS, and MWMS concepts of manual therapy and has a very popular book on the topic (and a part of my essential reading list for physical therapists).

imageHis concepts are simple, yet highly effective, and an example of how we need to consider thinking outside the box at times and incorporate manual therapy techniques that work regardless of the evidence behind the rationale.  If you are familiar with the techniques then you know what I mean, there are some simple techniques that can have an immediate effect.  I am not kidding.  These are tools we should all have in our belt.  If you are not familiar than click below for more information on Brian Mulligan’s website.  You can also see some examples of the techniques in the videos below and in his book.


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  1. Nicolás Sepúlveda
    Nicolás Sepúlveda says:

    I'm a chilean kinesiologist and i bought Mulligan's book from Amazon (so expensive!), but i was totally worth it. The techiniques for lateral epicondilitis are just amazing. I'm trying the techniques little by little, and as Mulligan says on his book, the key for the success of them is the right diagnosis and selection of manouvers. Great article!

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    I just love Mulligan techniques. Although the lumbar technique is the one that doesn't seem te work. But the tecnniques for the extremeties are really good!

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