Bust Through a Plateau, Dry Needling, and Neck Stabilization

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from David Jack, John Rusin, and Rebecca Moore.

Inner Circle Updates

Bust Through a Plateau, Dry Needling, and Neck Stabilization

My last webinar recording on “3 Tips for Assessing the Patellofemoral Joint” is now available to watch. In this live inservice recording, I discuss a few tips that that I follow when evaluating someone with anterior knee pain, or patellofemoral pain syndrome. Often times the patellofemoral joint gets little attention during the examination. But, in order to treat patellofemoral pain successfully, you need to have an accurate diagnosis that is very specific. Not all anterior knee pain is the same!

This presentation will cover:

  • How your anatomy of your trochlea can alter your ability to statically stabilize
  • How to assess the static stabilizers of the patella
  • A detailed overview of how I palpate different soft tissue structures around the knee
  • How and why you need to look both proximally and distally as well as at the knee
  • The one simple test I do with everyone to assess how proximal and distal factors alter the forces at the knee
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I also try to offer exclusive discounts for my Inner Circle members each month. This month’s special Inner Circle member discount is 10% off Mike Robertson’s amazing Physical Preparation 101 program that he recently released.  This is by far one of my favorite products.  I really love Mike’s thoughts and educational style.  In this program he essentially shares his entire coaching system.  This is a must own product.

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RehabWebinars.com Updates

Rehabwebinars.com has a new presentation up from Xavier A. Duralde, MD, on Labral Tears in Throwers.

In this presentation, Dr. Duralde discusses examination and treatment of a thrower’s shoulder. This presentation will:

  • Discuss incidence of labral tears.
  • Discuss Mechanism of Injury for labral tears.
  • Discuss labral biomechanics.
  • Overview examination for labral tears.
  • Discuss treatment of labral tears.

Please visit RehabWebinars.com to learn more about joining and accessing this webinar and more than 100 other great webinars:


The #AskMikeReinold Show

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about examination tips for students, do pro athletes like Steph Curry move well, and where NOT to apply self myofascial release.

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Learn Exactly How I Evaluate and Treat the Knee

Want to learn even more about how I evaluate and treat the knee? My online program on the Recent Advances in the Evidence-Based Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee is now available. I’ll show you everything you need to master the knee.

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Here’s How You Bust Through a Plateau

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Dry Needling Is The Next Big Thing In Physical Therapy

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How to Improve Neck Stabilization Exercise

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