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The latest Inner Circle webinar recording of my Live Q&A Session is now available!

Live Q&A Session

mike reinold inner circleEach year I like to end with a live Q&A session for Inner Circle members.  It’s one of my favorite webinars of the year and we cover a lot of various topics!

In this webinar, some of the question I discuss:

  • What are my thoughts on the current movement towards mobility, self-myofascial release, and voodoo bands
  • Treatment recommendations for shoulder impingement
  • Advice on how to get involved in sports medicine
  • Why I don’t do a lot of pec stretching
  • How I integrate single leg training into programs
  • How we operate some of our systems at Champion PT and Performance
  • How to get started in cash-based physical therapy
  • My thoughts of ACL graft choice in a young athlete
  • The use of overspeed training
  • And more!

To access this webinar:


Happy Holidays!

happy holidays

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You and Happy Holidays to everyone!  See you next year, we have some new and exciting stuff coming for 2014!  Hope you enjoy some down time, here are a couple of my articles from the past month to keep you busy until next year!

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Cyber Monday Sale on Optimal Shoulder Performance!

imageTo celebrate Cyber Monday, Eric Cressey and I would like to offer 20% off our 4-DVD box set Optimal Shoulder Performance: From Rehabilitation to High Performance.  You probably know about the product to I wont go into too much detail but feel free to go to for all the details and to order.  Be sure to use coupon code CYBER20 when checking out.  Happy early holidays from Eric and I!  Thanks for all your support!

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!


Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and the short work week (sorry international readers, and sorry any turkeys that may be reading this…)

Let’s all take a break this weekend and come back strong in December.  I have some great posts to share, a new webinar, and some info on the next session of my online continuing education program starting in January.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I have two special offers coming up this weekend.  Our Black Friday special is 20% off all AdvancedCEU products using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.  This includes all the DVDs, CDs, and even downloadable webinars by myself and Kevin Wilk and  However, this does NOT include the Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD set by Eric Cressey and I.

The Black Friday 20% off sale starts this Friday at midnight and lasts through the entire weekend.  Be sure to enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY during the checkout process.  And no need to go out shopping at 3:00 AM!

I will announce a special offer on Optimal Shoulder Performance for Cyber Monday next week so don’t forget to check back and get the info!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!




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What do You Want to See More of on This Site?

image In an effort to always stay ahead of the game and keep this website relevant, I want to get your thoughts real quick regarding what you would like to see more of on this website.

I have always had 2 posts per week, usually Monday and Thursday, with the Monday post being more thought provoking.  Sometimes there are more posts, but I try not to so that we can encourage interaction and discussion over a few days.  I fear that trying to post something daily will dilute the posts and take away some of the detail.  What do you think?

I also try not to abuse Facebook and Twitter and send you a lot of stupid messages.  I do this because I find it annoying when other people do it to me.  But would you like to see more from me here?  I am always reading interesting things on the web and can easily send quick links to stuff like that on these sites.  Would this be a good thing?

Regarding the newsletter, I have many people that have requested that I send a weekly newsletter.  I’m not against doing this, but would you rather see a newsletter weekly that is short or a longer one every 2-3 weeks? 

Let me know what you think below!  Thanks!


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See You Next Week – I’m On Vacation

Hawaii 551

For the first time in the two years that I have had this website, I am taking a week off.  After a long season, it’s time for a little break to recharge to battery.  I hope that this break allows me to come back with even more energy. 

In the meantime, here is a link to my last newsletter that I wanted to share with everyone.  Check it out to see what you are missing if you are not currently subscribed:

9/15/10 Newsletter

Subscribe to my newsletter now and receive 3 free bonuses:

  • Free 30-minute webinar presentation on “What’s new for 2010?”
  • Free 36-page eBook on “Solving the Patellofemoral Mystery”
  • Free copy of my latest accelerated rehabilitation protocol following ACL reconstruction

See you soon.

Meet Me at the ASMI Injury in Baseball Course

To all my readers that will also be at the annual ASMI Injuries in Baseball course in Birmingham, AL this week, come join me and say hello!

I’ll make myself available at the attendee reception at the end of the first day.  Always a good time to mingle with colleagues with a nice drink and some good conversations.  Please come say hi and introduce yourself, its always good to make face to face interactions!

And as always, I’ll be around for most of the course (when I’m not in the back of the room working on my talks because I procrastinated…), feel free to grab me any time, looking forward to it!

What Do You Want to See for My Next Series?

I like writing series of posts that are tied together around one topic.  It is almost like a mini journal article or book chapter that I can put together.  I have written a few in the past on SLAP lesions, patellofemoral pain, and my list of best books for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists.  I want to give my readers the opportunity to vote on what you would like to see as my next series that I will work on this spring.  Please vote and let me know!


What series do you want to see next?
Tendinosis vs. tendonitis
Articular cartilage lesions of the knee
Internal impingement of the shoulder
None – keep reviewing journal articles etc. free polls