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Correcting Knee Valgus and Infraspinatus Atrophy

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about if we should be worried about correcting knee valgus during activities, and why we could have atrophy of the infraspinatus muscle. To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to

#AskMikeReinold Episode 160: Correcting Knee Valgus and Infraspinatus Atrophy

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3 replies
  1. John Schneider
    John Schneider says:

    “Hit your head against a brick wall to prepare for impact to protect against concussion.” I think there’s a new CEU course there.

    Great stuff guys. I love how practical and fair you guys are about differing opinions and can always bring it back to what makes sense in practice.

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