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Evidence Based CEUs and How to Keep Your Mind Open to New Ideas

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC, and Dean Somerset.


Inner Circle Updates

In this month’s Inner Circle webinar, I am going to show you a live demonstration of how I assess scapular position and movement.  I’ve had past talks on how to assess scapular position and how to treat scapular dyskinesis, however I want to put it all together with a demonstration of exactly how I perform a full scapular movement assessment and go over things I am looking for during the examination.

I’ll be filming the video and posting later this month.  Inner Circle members will get an email when it is posted, but if you aren’t a member now is the time to join and access all my past webinars too: Updates has a new presentation up from Russ Paine, PT discusses Rehabilitation of SLAP Lesions Conservative and Post-Op.  In this presentation Russ discusses his philosophy on conservative management and post-op treatment of SLAP lesions. This presentation will:

  • Discuss areas of interest for evaluation of the shoulder.
  • Define and review shoulder stability.
  • Discuss both conservative and post-op treatment.
  • Overview return to throwing program after rehabilitation.

Please visit to learn more about joining and accessing this webinar and more than 100 other great webinars:


NATA Evidence Based CEUs

I know a lot of people are renewing their NATA certification in the next couple of months and looking for the new evidence-based CEUs, which are pretty hard to find!  The certification boards are really making this process unnecessarily complicated for the CEU providers and the ATCs, unfortunately.  Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC, who runs the Sports Medicine Research website I often share, has a few programs available from Human Kinetics that meet the new requirements:


New Thoughts From Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset recently wrote about 5 things that he admits to being wrong about, and more importantly, how’s he’s changed.  I like articles like this as I see many professionals either stuck in their way or spending more time defending their views instead of being open minding to new ideas.  It is very important to keep and open mind and ALWAYS keep learning.  If you find yourself defending your position more than evolving your position, you are probably doing it wrong.  Thanks for sharing Dean:




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