youth acl injuries

Expert Advice on Youth ACL Injuries

youth acl injuriesFor this week’s post, I wanted to share what I thought was a great video from the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) on youth ACL injuries.

In this video, noted orthopedic surgeons Chris Harner, Lyle Micheli, James Andrews, and Peter Indelicato share their advice on several topics regarding youth ACL injuries, return to play, female ACL injuries, and preventative programs.

Videos like this are important to education the parents and coaches on the realities of issues like youth ACL injuries.



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  1. jim nonnemacher
    jim nonnemacher says:

    At about the 10min mark in the video the subject of injuries and RICE is discussed; it’s recommended. Over at Mobility WOD, Kelly Starrett’s website, there have been a couple of videos where it’s stated that RICE is out; specifically, that ice is to be avoided and that over compressed and movement and soon as possible is the “new” paradigm. Any comments?

  2. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Hi Jim. A blanket statement like “icing is dead” seems a little sensationalized. There are times for RICE and times when RICE is not optimal. The people on this video are some of the most prestigious sports medicine professionals in the world.

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