Stuff You Should Read

Femoroacetabular Impingement, Gray Cook’s Secret, and PNF Stretching

Today’s Stuff You Should Read has great articles from Craig Liebenson, Gray Cook, and The Sports Physiotherapist.


FAI – Why Are We Seeing More of Femoroacetabular Impingement?

Craig Liebsenson wrote an article on FAI and some treatment strategies focusing on muscle imbalances and functional core stability.


The Secret

Gray Cook shares what he considers “the secret” to experts in our field.  I couldn’t agree more.  Our experts don’t work on maximizing strengths, they work on maximizing weaknesses!  Change your thought process…


The Effects of PNF Stretching

A great article from The Sports Physiotherapist on the effects of PNF stretching.  What are your thoughts?  I think stretching in healthy and injured people are two different things and should be treated differently.  Stretching just to stretch has so many potential areas of failure, that is why I try to think of stretching with me to be more of a “therapeutic stretch” with a goal in mind.