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Huge Discount on with Free Access to

I try to have one massive discount sale each year on my online continuing education program Recent Advances in the Evidence-Based Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder over at  Last year we had a massive summer blow out sale and the response was huge, with hundreds of people signing up for the program. But a lot of people stated that they had too much going on over the summer to start up the program and requested we do it again this fall.

Well, it’s time and this year is even better!  Keep reading for all the info on the special sale and BONUS! 2012 Sale


Fall Sale at

From now until the end of October November 4th, you can start my critically acclaimed online CEU program at a huge discount of only $197.  That is $150 off the regular price of $347.  If you have been waiting to sign up, this is the time.  The program is 7 weeks of content covering everything you need to know to dominate the shoulder, including content on evaluation, treatment, and specific pathologies like rotator cuff lesions, instability, SLAP tears, and frozen shoulder.

Don’t forget that the program is approved for 21 CEUs through the APTA of MA, NATA, and 20 CEUs through the NSCA, so for those of you that need CEUs by the end of year are in luck!

Once you start the program, you get immediate access to the content for week 1 and then every 7 days you receive access to a new week of material for the next 7 weeks.  This makes the content easily digestible, applicable, and easier to benefit from.

[box type=”info”]99% of participants would recommend this program to a friend and are interested in future programs.[/box]

Guys, I know you have heard from me about how valuable this program is, but it is far more powerful to hear from people that have gone through the course.  Our post course evaluation form shows that 99% of attendees would recommend this to a friend and would be interested in joining future programs.  That is an awesome response!   There are a boatload of testimonials on the website, but here are a few newer testimonials from people in the last couple of months:

  • “The best CEU course I have taken in 3 years.” – Michael A. Amaro PT, DPT, OCS, Chicago
  • “This course was exceptionally good. It was great to be able to study at home at my own pace. Often, when I go to a course in person, there seems to be so much material with little time to present it. This course provides a TON of great information and the home format allows you plenty of time to learn and study the material. Also, with the format of the course, I found that I could apply new techniques and exercises in the clinic on a weekly basis as I studied each new topic. I would definitely recommend that course to all therapists who treat the shoulder.” – SB, Gilbert
  • “This was helpful for me to learn from a veteran clinician. I am new to the outpatient setting and this has helped my confidence.” – Mark Gardner, Eureka
  • “This is by far the best online course I have ever taken. It is well organized and full of evidence based information that you can immediately apply in the clinic. I would recommend this course to anyone.” – Ginger, Fredericksburg
  • “Living in Australia makes it hard to learn from such professionals like Mike Reinold but these courses have made it easy, I just wish it never ended. The education that is provided is second to none. Im very grateful for the opportunity to complete this course, Thanks Mike!” – Jason Thomson, Australia
  • “This course provides clinicians (physical therapists and athletic trainers) that are both experienced or brand new with a solid foundation of how to care for the shoulder in 2012. I have taken several shoulder courses in my career and this is one of the most comprehensive courses with supporting literature and evidence I have seen. It is worth your time.” – K Lierman PT, ATC Hillsboro Oregon

HUGE Bonus – FREE Access to

RehabWebinars.comOh yeah, and one more thing!  If you sign up for my program at during this fall sale, you are also eligible to sign up for a free month of with access to all the webinars! is a new project that I am a part of with AdvancedCEU and the American Sports Medicine Institute.  It is a collection of online webinars from renowned experts in the fields of rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, biomechanics, fitness, and performance training.

I’m super excited about this website so was easily able to talk AdvancedCEU into giving my members a free trial.  Once you sign up for, go to the membership dashboard and you will see a link to also sign up for



Sale and Bonus Offer Ends at the End of October November 4th

Hope to see you join the program.  I’ve receive a lot of requests to extend the sale into November a little so I have extended the sale until the end of the weekend, November 4th at midnight EST.  Click the link below to go to and sign up for this unbelievable price before the offer ends at the end of October November 4th at midnight EST.


[button link=”” size=”large”]Sign Up Now[/button]



29 replies
  1. Larry
    Larry says:

    I was wondering if the CEU’s are recognized by APTA in all states, i dont know if I am reading it wrong but does APTA of MA… mean Massachusetts?

  2. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Hi Larry,

    Yes CEU is approved by the state of Mass APTA. The APTA does not have a national licensing board (yet…). Most states allow you to submit the course for approval on your own, which they will approve. Having the APTA of MA, NATA, and NSCA approve it helps, and sometimes if you tell your state board that, they will just approve it.


  3. Erik
    Erik says:

    Would this course only be geared towards physical therapists or would it benefit health and fitness specialists as well?

  4. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Erik, I have had a ton of fitness specialists take the program. It is advanced and geared towards rehab, but the knowledge and concepts can be used to give yourself a thorough understanding of the shoulder and common dysfunctions.

  5. matt
    matt says:

    any chance has registered with the NY state board as an approved provider of CEU’s (or plans to in the future)? NYS does not allow me to submit the course for approval on my own so it will not recognize the CEU’s earned through your course.

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Matt, it is very hard and expensive to get CEU approval from every state. I havent come across a state that doesnt allow you to submit on your own. Maybe NY is a first.

  6. Mark K
    Mark K says:

    I’m a recent college graduate applying to PT schools for next year. I am also a CSCS. I have a couple of questions. Would this be beneficial for me as a pre-student/CSCS? If I purchase, can I start whenever – I want to study for the GREs but don’t want to miss out on a good price. Lastly, how would I report this for my NSCA CEUs. Sorry for all the questions… I just got my CSCS this July so everything is new to me.




    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Mark, I like the motivation. I will say that the material is advanced. It may be something that you will want to come back to later in your PT schooling, vs now. I have had many CSCS’s participate, though.

      The NSCA website has all the details on how to submit your CEUs. It isn’t that hard.

  7. Peter
    Peter says:


    I was wondering if this course is a pre-determined timed frame. I’m an athletic trainer at a busy Div II NCAA institute and worry about fitting my schedule to the schedule of the course. Or could I sign up for the course and begin it at my convenience and work at the pace that my schedule allows?

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Peter, it is set to load every week with new content. It begins as soon as you register, however if you find yourself falling behind just email us and we can extend your access.

  8. Mark K
    Mark K says:

    Thanks Mike for the information. In your opinion, do you think it would be advantageous to look over this stuff while on my year off from school, hopefully before I’m buried with schoolwork from PT school? or just wait for when I’m in school (hopefully) since you’re doing sales every year.



    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Mark, i dont know if i’ll do more sales, i dont really know, but it sounds like you have time so i would recommend not rushing into it if you arent sure you are ready.

      • Aaron
        Aaron says:

        I’m very interested in signing up for the seminar. How many hours a week would you say are necessary each week to go through all the material?

        • Mike Reinold
          Mike Reinold says:

          Aaron, I would say 3. 1 hour watching a presentation, 1 hour reading the materials, and then 1 hour putting it together and participating in the discussion boards. But, everyone is different!

  9. Brian Butler
    Brian Butler says:

    Mike, thanks for this great offer once again, I have taken one of your shoulder courses on line in the past, I am assuming there is probably new material that you are offering as well as reviewing and reconfirming some of the material that was covered in previous courses, is that correct? Would you recommend taking this course even if I took one of your past shoulder courses? Thanks again

  10. matt
    matt says:

    mike I tried registering for your seminar however when I try to login it doesnt recognize my username, password or email address. I apologize for replying on your site. I did email advanced ceu, however I wanted to be sure I still was eligible for the discounted price as they indicated 3 business days for a reply.

  11. R.J. Burr
    R.J. Burr says:


    Is this a purely online program where the information is closed after a certain period of time or will I finish the course with downloadable materials to read and use in the future? Also, Is participation required every week? I’m in Chiro school and I really want to do your program, especially with the sale, but I am also in the mist of a very busy month for me.

    Thank you!

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      RJ, you get new material each week for 7 weeks. There is a period of about 3 weeks at the end to get caught up, however if you need more time just let us know. You will be able to download the readings and participation is not required, but encouraged! Thanks

  12. lj
    lj says:

    Hi Mike,
    I am just curious what the process is for applying for ceu approval on your end as an educator. I have never applied for ceu credit on my own but i have been to courses that were not preapproved and it took quite a bit of time and effort on the educator/practitioner’s part to get it approved after the fact.

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      LJ, the experience is disappointing. It took me a year to get approved. This is especially true with the online format. Luckily, now that I have NSCA, NATA, and the MA state APTA, it is really easy to submit to other boards as needed.

      The program has everything in place to get approved if you need further approval. I havent had any issues.


  13. Steven Kenny
    Steven Kenny says:

    Thanks for getting back so promptly Mike. How long do we have to sit the exams? I am working 40-50 hours a week at the minute in MSK private practice. Do you think I will realistically have enough time?



  14. Bruce Klutz
    Bruce Klutz says:

    Mike, I took the seminar before and it was very good. I was wondering if I can audit it, to review it again….Thanks Bruce

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