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My Huge Sale on is Back!

shoulderseminar saleIt’s that time of year again!!!!

I try to have the occasional massive discount sale on my online continuing education program Recent Advances in the Evidence-Based Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder over at  The last couple of years we had a massive blow out sale and the response was huge, with hundreds of people signing up for the program each year.

Well, it’s time again and this year is even better!  This year I have 3 exciting announcements:

  • Huge sale – $150 off!
  • New Manual Therapy for the Shoulder module
  • FREE 30-day subscription to

Keep reading for all the info on the special sale, NEW material, and awesome BONUS!


Fall Sale at

From now until the end of October, you can start my critically acclaimed online CEU program at a huge discount of only $197.  That is $150 off the regular price of $347.  If you have been waiting to sign up, this is the time.  The program is 8 weeks of content covering everything you need to know to dominate the shoulder, including content on evaluation, treatment, and specific pathologies like rotator cuff lesions, instability, SLAP tears, and frozen shoulder.

Once you start the program, you get immediate access to the content for week 1 and then every 7 days you receive access to a new week of material for the next 8 weeks.  This makes the content easily digestible, applicable, and easier to benefit from.



New Content for 2013 – Manual Therapy for the Shoulder

Mike Reinold Manual TherapyI also have a MAJOR announcement that I have added an additional module!  The course used to be 7-weeks long, but I have now added one more week of content to include a section on Manual Therapy for the Shoulder.

Many people have requested this information, and I am happy to say that the best just got better AND more comprehensive!



HUGE Bonus – FREE Access to

RehabWebinars.comOh yeah, and one more thing!  If you sign up for my program at during this fall sale, you are also eligible to sign up for a free month of with access to all the webinars! is a website that I am a part of with AdvancedCEU and the American Sports Medicine Institute.  It is a collection of online webinars from renowned experts in the fields of rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, biomechanics, fitness, and performance training.

The website has close to 100 webinars from people like myself, Kevin Wilk, James Andrews, and so many more renowned surgeons, PTs, DCs, ATCs, and strength coaches.  I have no doubt it is the best resource on the web for cutting edge information.  They add 2-4 new webinars a month!

Once you sign up for, go to the membership dashboard and you will see a link to also sign up for



Earn 20+ CEU Contact Hours for APTA, NATA, and NSCA!

ceu shoulder seminarDon’t forget that the program is approved for 21 CEUs through the APTA of MA, NATA, and 20 CEUs through the NSCA, so for those of you that need CEUs by the end of year are in luck!



What People Are Saying About

[box type=”info”]99% of participants would recommend this program to a friend and are interested in future programs.[/box]

Guys, I know you have heard from me about how valuable this program is, but it is far more powerful to hear from people that have gone through the course.  Our post course evaluation form shows that 99% of attendees would recommend this to a friend and would be interested in joining future programs.  That is an awesome response!   There are a boatload of testimonials on the website, but here are a few testimonials from people that really stuck out for me:

  • “Mike: I want personally thank you for presenting this course; your passion is very evident and appreciated. This is by far the BEST online course I have completed. It is very practical and I look forward to integrating the concepts into practice.” -Dan Schmutz DPT, ATC
  • “This course was very stimulating and easy to follow. I never felt overwhelmed because it was taught at a comfortable pace. I was able to learn a little and then use it the very next day in the clinic.” -Robert Long, York, PA.
  • “Possibly the best and most comprehensive Shoulder seminar that you can have—-Don’t be left behind.” – JDM , Rockford,Illinois.
  • “One of the most comprehensive programs on the shoulder out there – a great review of the shoulder, as well as additional new content for me to improve patient care. Your patients will thank you.” David Fischer, Pittsburgh
  • “The best CEU course I have taken in 3 years.” – Michael A. Amaro PT, DPT, OCS, Chicago
  • “This course was exceptionally good. It was great to be able to study at home at my own pace. Often, when I go to a course in person, there seems to be so much material with little time to present it. This course provides a TON of great information and the home format allows you plenty of time to learn and study the material. Also, with the format of the course, I found that I could apply new techniques and exercises in the clinic on a weekly basis as I studied each new topic. I would definitely recommend that course to all therapists who treat the shoulder.” – SB, Gilbert
  • “This was helpful for me to learn from a veteran clinician. I am new to the outpatient setting and this has helped my confidence.” – Mark Gardner, Eureka
  • “Living in Australia makes it hard to learn from such professionals like Mike Reinold but these courses have made it easy, I just wish it never ended. The education that is provided is second to none. Im very grateful for the opportunity to complete this course, Thanks Mike!” – Jason Thomson, Australia
  • “This course provides clinicians (physical therapists and athletic trainers) that are both experienced or brand new with a solid foundation of how to care for the shoulder in 2012. I have taken several shoulder courses in my career and this is one of the most comprehensive courses with supporting literature and evidence I have seen. It is worth your time.” – K Lierman PT, ATC Hillsboro Oregon


Sale and Bonus Offer Ends October 31st at Midnight EST 

Hope to see you join the program.  Act now to get $150 off, access to my new module on Manual Therapy of the Shoulder, and a FREE 30-day subscription to  Click the link below to go to and sign up for this unbelievable offer before the end of October.





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  1. Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris says:

    I recently took the shoulder seminar. Is there an option to
    Take just the manual therapy module for a different cost?
    Credit hours not important. Would just like the information.
    Thank you.

  2. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    CEUs are approved through the NATA, NSCA, and MA State APTA. You can typically submit the course for approval on your own in other states and for other licensing agencies. Everything you need to submit is in the course website. Typically when a course is approved by other agencies it is pretty easy to get approval.

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    Want to look into if the CEU’s would be approved in Pa? Where can I get this info in the website ? And could you advise on this process ? Who do we contact etc. I am interested but want the course to count . Thanks

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Susan, the course is ongoing, you can start at any time. it is approved for NATA, NSCA, and APTA of MA CEU credit. You may be able to submit to your specific state as well. It’s usually pretty easy and we give you everything you need.

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    I took this course 2 years ago. I am interested in the content and would like to learn about the manual therapy. Any chance to get this separately?

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