Inner Circle Live Q&A

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording is now available!  I held a live Q&A for my members on Facebook last week and wanted to post the recording for all to see.  I always enjoy performing these live Q&A’s as the questions I get are always great.

We had some good discussion in this one, so be sure to watch if you missed it live!

Inner Circle Live Q&A

This month’s Inner Circle webinar is a recording of my Inner Circle Live Q&A.  Some of the things we talked about include:

  • Shoulder mobility and scapular control
  • The best way to strengthen the shoulder
  • How we develop customize return to throwing programs
  • How to return to CrossFit after an injury
  • The pros and cons of patellar tendon and hamstring ACL grafts
  • Restoring motion in a tight shoulder
  • Finding a good continuing education course for the spine
  • And much more…

To access this webinar: