Introducing My Inner Circle Program

I’ve been alluding to many of the new projects I have been working on to really enhance this website and my ability to provide quality online education.  I’m excited to unveil one of these projects today and announce that my new Inner Circle program is now available!

What is my Inner Circle Program?

My Inner Circle program is great way for members to access live webinars and more premium content.  I will be presenting a live webinar on various topics every month for members only.  This will be a great way to share current trends, teach new techniques, discuss trending topics, and to stay on top of what is new in the rehabilitation, performance, and fitness fields.

I wanted to created a program that provides exclusive access and opportunities to interact and learn.  I love the webinar format and intend to keep the format loose.  This isn’t going to be just a boring webinar of me reading slides.  Each webinar will have a main theme, but we will discuss multiple topics each month and more importantly open up for interactive Q&A sessions!

My first webinar will be on Thursday June 28th at 1:00 PM EST.

We’ll discuss the influence of pelvic position on lower extremity stretching.  Perhaps we shouldn’t be stretching as much as we think we should be?!  Check it out to find out more.

I have a bunch more topics for the future too, such as:

  • How to maximize function by integrating the kinetic chain into exercise selection
  • 3D manual therapy: Integrated techniques to work soft tissue in multiple planes, depths, and directions
  • 3 ways to to gain shoulder IR without stretching the posterior capsule
  • How to maximize glute function when designing exercises
  • Trigger point release to gain ankle range of motion
  • Integrating local and global dynamic stabilization to maximize function
  • How fast should we be rehabbing after rotator cuff repair surgery
  • My system to stay on topic of new research and ideas: how to set up a system for yourself
These are just a few topics I have brainstormed with many more on the way.  All of these webinars will be exclusive to the Inner Circle program, you won’t find them elsewhere (like

What If You Can’t Make the Live Webinar?

Webinars will all be recorded and all of my archived webinar recordings will be available to watch online at your convenience regardless of when you join the program.  They are accessible for any internet connected computer or device, like iPads and iPhones.


I’m still considering some other benefits of joining, such as being able to download all my journal articles, and will continue to try to over deliver as much as I can!

The Inner Circle program will be a monthly membership of only $5.  Why only $5?  Well, I want this program to be something that everyone can join!  I didnt want to make all the great content here protected and for member’s only.  The purpose of this website is still to educate, discuss, and exchange ideas.  I decided to do a small monthly membership for more live interaction and education.  Skip out on a latte each month in exchange for advancing yourself!

[button link=”” size=”large”]Join My Inner Circle Program[/button]

Will Anything Change at

Nope.  My Inner Circle program is completely in addition to all the great (and free) content that I produce here at  I have been posting at least 2 posts a week for years now and intend to continue doing so.  Inner Circle members will have access to additional content not found here or anywhere else.

I hope you join my Inner Circle program, I think the live webinars are going to be fun.  Click the link below for more information and to join now:

[button link=”” size=”large”]Join My Inner Circle Program[/button]


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  1. Tim Stiles
    Tim Stiles says:

    The inner circle program sounds great and I am interested in joining. Is there anyway to pay for 6 months or 1 year? Not comfortable with automatic withdrawals. Thanks for your time.

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Hi Tim, I just added this option on the page, there is a text link under the “add to cart” button that has option to subscribe for the year. Good idea, thanks!

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