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My Last Post

I have a major announcement to make today.  After almost 5 years of posting 2 articles a week, I have decided that I am just too busy with other projects and won’t have time to give this website the effort I think it deserves.

I have met many great people along the way, both online and off, that have helped make me a better person and professional.  I want to thank my readers for all the great discussions we have had over the years.  I will miss them the most.  I can honestly say I have learned more from this experience than any of my readers have.  You guys have been great, and without you this wouldn’t have the been the award-winning PT blog that it was and I wouldn’t have been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.


I just ask one thing of you…

Please, before you start emailing me about this crazy announcement, I ask just one thing of you – check your calendar.  What is today’s date?

Gotcha, April Fools!  I’ll have a new article up tomorrow…

Einstein Tounge Out




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  1. Adam Reece
    Adam Reece says:

    Well done Mike… well done!! Your site went down for a bit today… just in time for a few of us in the NAU DPT program to read “Last Post” with a hyperlink to an error message. Concern would be an understatement. Look forward to tomorrow’s post.

  2. anthony
    anthony says:

    sir mike, i have a painful achilles tendon everytime i ran plz help…what will i do? i have completed my 10 day rest i thought i already gone but i can still feel the pain when i run..

  3. Olivier
    Olivier says:

    During on recent exercise bout, I felt an awesome and threatening pain run across my entire body.
    Before asking you the traditional “WHat shall I do” question, I might just explain that this unintended “exercice” was reading this “Last Post” on your blog.

    Fooled me sir ! :p

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