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Neuroscience of Soft Tissue Work, Manual Therapy Techniques, and Core Stability

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Alice Sanvito, Erson Religioso, and Greg Lehman.


Inner Circle and Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays this year!  This month’s Inner Circle webinar will be on Tips to Enhance Your Assessment and Treatment of Different Types of Shoulder Impingement.  I’m still working on a date for later in January but am looking forward to getting back into the swing of webinars in 2013.  Join my Inner Circle for access to this webinar and all past webinars. featured a new webinar on cervical spine injuries this week by Andrew Cordover, MD.  Dr. Cordover discusses the biomechanics, injury mechanisms, and return to play criteria for cervical spine injuries.  I also enjoyed the literature review and case studies he provided.  Learn more about


If We Can Not Stretch Fascia, What are we Doing?

Alice Sanvito of Massage St. Louis wrote an article that received some buzz on social media.  She quotes Robert Schleip, one the leading fascia researchers, a few times and discussing some of the neurophysiological components of soft tissue work.


Great Manual Therapy Techniques

For those that have read my site for awhile, you will probably recognize Erson Religioso, a manual therapist in NY that writes a great blog that features a bunch of technique videos that are very helpful.  Erson summarized his top posts of 2012 recently and these articles are worth revisiting.


Core Stability and Pain

Greg Lehman isn’t afraid to write a controversial post, this time regarding core stability exercises.  Regardless of which side of the discussion you are on, he at least articulates his thoughts well and stimulates discussion, which we need more of these days!  What do you think about his article?




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