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imageI’ve Just put the final touches on two new exciting products and they are ready to roll.  The first is a new eBookSolving the Patellofemoral Mystery” based on my past posts on the evaluation and treatment of the patellofemoral joint.  It is 36-pages in total and puts all the information together in a nice package with lots of great pictures.  A great resource that I am sure will help you understand patellofemoral pain better and treat it more effectively

imageThe second is a recording of my recent live webinar on “What’s New For 2010?”  It is a 30-minute webinar presentation with a few audience Q&A’s at the end.  I discuss a few new concepts and exercises I have recently started performing including info on minimizing upper trapezius dominance and enhancing serratus anterior activation through a few new exercises.

You may noticed already on my website already, but I have these two new products available as free bonuses for newsletter subscribers.  To get both new items plus all of the previous benefits, subscribe now!  I’ve talked about the benefits of subscribing to my newsletter in the past, but I’ll recap here as well.


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Best of all, the newsletter is free.  Many of my long time readers have actually told me they love the newsletter as much as my website.  It’s a perfect compliment.  And trust me, I hate spam too, you will not be bombarded with spam and your email will not be shared.  I usually have about 2 newsletters a month.



Plus, subscribe now and receive these 3 FREE BONUSES:

  •  eBook – My new 36-page eBook on the evaluation and treatment of patellofemoral pain – “Solving the Patellofemoral Mystery”
  • Webinar – Access to watch a 30 minute webinar on some new techniques I am using – “What’s New for 2010?”
  • Protocol – A copy of my newly updated rehab protocol following “Accelerated ACL Reconstruction” I’ve written with Kevin Wilk and James Andrews



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