New Rehabilitation Protocols by Wilk and Reinold

image About a year ago, Kevin Wilk and I decided it was time to update and enhance our rehabilitation protocols.  This is a task we are actually continuously doing to some extent as we are always tweaking what we do with our patients.  Over the years our rehab protocols have become fairly popular due to their level of detail, comprehensiveness, and overall quality.  These are the actual protocols that we use on our own patients every day so are backed by years of experience and based on current research and evidence that we teach in our publications and seminars.  You’ve probably seen and used some of them from our journal articles.


New 2nd Edition Rehabilitation Protocols Now Available!

We originally released the1st edition of our rehabilitation protocols for shoulder and knee injuries in 2004.  For some reason that doesn’t seem that long ago, and if you asked me back then I would have told you that I thought that we would be taking jet packs to work in the year 2010!  Almost six years have passed and we are please to announce the new 2nd edition of our CDs are now available and there are some really exciting additions to the 2nd edition!


What is so exciting about our new protocol CDs?

  • The number of protocols has more than doubled in the 2nd edition – 139 protocols, exercise programs, and interval sport programs in total!
  • The shoulder CD has been expanded to include elbow protocols
  • The knee CD has been expanded to include foot and ankle protocols
  • All of the original protocols have been updated and enhanced
  • There are really too many new protocols to list here, but you can see a full list of the protocols and programs available on the CDs from the rehabilitation protocol page at 


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