A Simple Dynamic Stability Exercise for the Leg [Video Demo]

This week’s post is a video demonstration of a simple way to integrate reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) into your programming to enhance dynamic stabilization of the lower extremity.

In this video, I show a client that has an ankle sprain.  After dealing with the initial acute injury, we started to perform ankle dorsiflexion exercises to improve mobility.  While going through her rehabilitation, it became clear that she also needed balance training to really work her ankle, knee, and hip to stabilize during functional tasks.

To perform this exercise, you simple need a large resistance band.  Loop the band around a rack or other object and step within the loop.  Place the band just above your knee.

I show a few exercise ideas in the video, progressing from simple balance, to unstable surfaces, to incorporating functional movements.  By using the band, you can emphasize training the body’s ability to stabilize in the frontal and transverse planes while performing a sagittal plane exercise.  This is essential to optimal function and a big key to my Functional Stability Training program.

Reactive Neuromuscular Training for Dynamic Stabilization of the Lower Extremity

Learn More About Functional Stability Training

If you want to optimize movement, you’ll want to check out Eric Cressey and I’s Functional Stability Training series.  We have modules on the core, lower body, upper body, and optimizing movement.  Essentially, you get a peek into how Eric and I integrate functional performance therapy and training to optimize movement and performance.