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Concussion Treatment: Convergence Insufficiency

Today’s guest post on concussion treatment comes from Shaun Logan, DPT.  Shaun original wrote a 2-part article here on the Risk and Recovery Process Following Concussions in Sports and The Role of Rehabilitation Following Concussions.  In this new post, Read more >

Concussions in Sports: Part 2 – The Role of Rehabilitation

Today’s post is part 2 of a series by Shaun Logan, DPT, on concussions in sports and the role of rehabilitation.  Please be sure to read part 1 of the series on concussions in sports regarding the risks and recovery Read more >

Concussions in Sports: Part 1 – Risk and Recovery Process

Concussion in SportConcussions in sports are becoming more and more of a problem as our athletes continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster.  As our understanding of the impact of concussions continues to increase, the need for knowledge of how to manage … Read more >

Concussions in Sport Consensus

image There is an excellent article in the Journal of Athletic Training on concussions in sports.  The article is a consensus statement from the 3rd International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich in November of 2008.  The article reviews … Read more >