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A New Stretch for Pec Minor

imagePectoralis minor tightness is a common finding in people with shoulder dysfunction.  We’ve discussed how to stretch the pec minor in the past with mixed results – it’s a hard muscle to stretch well.  There are a few techniques I Read more >

Subscapularis Release for Loss of External Rotation

image We have a great guest post today from my friend Trevor Winnegge.  Trevor wrote a nice article last year on complications following distal radius fractures that ranked as my number 1 guest post in 2009!  This time, he presents the … Read more >

What is the Best Stretch for the Pectoralis Minor?


This post came about from some of the live Q&A that we had following my webinar last week on “assessing asymmetry in the overhead athlete – does asymmetry mean pathology?” (the webinar is now recorded and available for download if … Read more >