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3 Myths of Scapula Exercises

Scapula exercises are very common and usually a needed component to any rehabilitation or corrective exercise program.  Like anything else, there seems to be a few commonly accepted themes related to scapular exercises that many people take for hard fast … Read more >

Is a Biceps Tenodesis the Answer?

I read a lot of stuff on the internet.  I like to keep up with a ton of blogs, websites, and journals to make sure I am on top of recent trends, but also to share with my readers.  I … Read more >

How to Pick the Best Shoulder Exercises and Know Why

shoulder programI can’t tell you how many times people ask me for a copy of my shoulder program.  You’ve been reading my website for a while now, have you found my shoulder program?  I bet you haven’t!  That is because … Read more >

Why I Do Not Like YTWL Shoulder Exercises

I remember when the YTWL shoulder exercises started to become popular.  Using the “YTWL” letters was is a pretty good description and easy way for people to remember the shoulder exercises.  I even joined the bandwagon and started training everyone … Read more >

Rotator Cuff Fatigue Increases Superior Humeral Head Migration

shoulder impingementIf there is one thing that I would say is the most important concept to understand regarding the shoulder, it is simply that you can not work the rotator cuff to failure as rotator cuff fatigue causes superior humeral head … Read more >

The Shoulder W Exercise

Shoulder W ExerciseLast week I wrote an article on what I considered essential exercises to add to every program, which included the shoulder W exercise for external rotation.  I received a lot of feedback from that article and many requests to … Read more >

Two Exercises You Need in Every Program

That’s right I just said that, you need these two exercises in EVERY program!  OK, maybe not every program, but I think there are two critical movements that should be included in almost everyone’s program – shoulder external rotation and … Read more >

Does Reaching Behind the Back Reflect the Actual Internal Rotation of the Shoulder?

image It is no secret that I am not a big fan of stretching the shoulder behind the back to gain internal rotation.  I have written about this in the past and even included it in my list of the 5 Read more >