What Do You Want to See for My Next Series?

I like writing series of posts that are tied together around one topic.  It is almost like a mini journal article or book chapter that I can put together.  I have written a few in the past on SLAP lesions, patellofemoral pain, and my list of best books for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists.  I want to give my readers the opportunity to vote on what you would like to see as my next series that I will work on this spring.  Please vote and let me know!


What series do you want to see next?
Tendinosis vs. tendonitis
Articular cartilage lesions of the knee
Internal impingement of the shoulder
None – keep reviewing journal articles etc.
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3 replies
  1. Matt McFadden, PT, OMPT
    Matt McFadden, PT, OMPT says:

    How about when to incorporate perturbation/unstable surface training. We all use it but I know Eric Cressey has researched it and thinks there are certain times it's warranted and other times where it's not. Maybee he could do a guest post?

    I also like tendonosis vs itis. Not everyone knows you should treat them differently!

  2. Chad Ballard, PT
    Chad Ballard, PT says:

    How about all of them! Congratulations on your promotion… it was pretty cool seeing your name in my small town newspaper in the "transactions" for the Sox. Keep up the good work.

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