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Why We Are So Tired, Athletic Development, and the Bench Press

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Eirik Sandvik, Allen Tucker, and Mike Robertson.

The 10 Commandments to Athletic Development

Here is a pretty good article from Eirik Sandvik.  First time visiting his site, but was impressed with this article on 10 rules to live by when trying to maximize athletic development.

Why Am I So Tired?

Allen Tucker just dominates this discussion of sleep quality.  It’s obvious he has done some quality research on his own body!  I agree with this completely and am always fascinated by maximizing sleep.  I myself have come to realize that many of us may have some mild allergies that are also impacting out sleep.  I use a HEPA filter and have seen great results.

Bench Press

Wow, Mike Robertson is on FIRE.  Hard to follow up his article on deadlifting, but Mike sure does try, this time on the bench press.  This is pretty much the resource.

A Call to Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers

As I surf the web looking for articles to read and share, I can’t help but notice that the web is full of strength specialists and not enough rehab specialists.  So this is a call to all the PT’s and ATC’s – we need more of you sharing your talent and experience.  Write quality content and I’ll do my best to share and promote.



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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I have been following your site ever since watching “Ultimate Shoulder Development” and haven’t found a lot of other good PT related information other than on Charlie Weingroff’s site. If anyone knows of some other good PT/ATC information I would be interested. I am an ATC now in my 2nd year of PT school and just recently started a blog. I am mainly trying to spread the movement systems and regional interdepence principles among my fellow students as we don’t get a lot of this in school. Especially the principles of pain site verses pain source. Here was my first three part series of posts about thoracic mobility.

  2. Cody
    Cody says:

    Bob G and Mike,
    The general population may not be as interested, but I still think these are great forums to share information with colleagues and they are under-utilized by PTs.
    But I also think a large reason why there are more strength specialist sites than PT is just a numbers game. According to, there are ~261,000 fitness professionals in the US, and ~185,000 PTs. But of the PTs, only a portion work in an outpatient setting. Other work acute, homecare, inpatient rehab, etc. There’s also only 6,846 PT in the US with an orthopedic specialty.
    PTs also tend to be emplyees with fairly high job satisfaction, and perhaps individuals in the profession aren’t looking for the exposure that the internet provides. Perhaps we are happy enough earning our salary and not attempting to generate revenue through offering e-books, education and other products that the sites typically offer (although if we were smart, we’d do more of this because I think sites like this offer a win-win situation for consumers and content developers).
    This isn’t an excuse for PT. I think we need to be more involved than we are, just a few thoughts on why.

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Cody, I agree with the numbers game for sure and there is probably something to be said about why there are so many fitness sites.

      I never consider this site to be for the general consumer and intentionally dont write that way, if they read it, great, but not my intent.

      My call to action is to get more of the highly experience clinicians out there to share their knowledge. Think about who teaches CEU seminars in our field… Same old people right? Nobody else can teach us anything?

      The internet can be a forum for more people to share. That is what I care about, if you monetize your site, good for you! I will gladly pay for quality info any day.

      If you are a PT or ATC and are afraid of creating and maintaining a website but have something new or interesting to share, email me and submit a guest post!

  3. Bob G
    Bob G says:

    Always love reading your site, Mike.

    I’ve found that the general population is very much not into reading rehab oriented writing. They want to know about training and how to be healthy and awesome and all that, not how to prevent or treat injuries. It seems that only rehab professionals are interested in learning about rehab related content.

    So, here’s are two of my stabs at sharing my observations:

    the business of symmetry:

    perspective for pushing sports:

  4. Paul
    Paul says:

    Great post, as always.
    I’ve been a reader of your site since last year. Regarding on your call to PTs and ATCs for content… What do you need? I’ve been writing for another site for 6 months and I’m coming up on 100 posts.

  5. Cody
    Cody says:

    Great observation about PTs not having near the web visibility as our strength/conditioning colleagues. Why do you think this is?? We’ve certainly got a lot to share.

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