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newsletter I am happy to introduce the addition of a newsletter to this website.  What is the difference between reading my website and subscribing to my newsletter?  Why would you want to subscribe to my newsletter?    Let me explain.

I have been very pleased with the direction of this website and the feedback I have received within our professions.  Many blogs and websites have frequent updates, sometimes even several a day.  I do not want to increase the frequency of postings on this site because I fear that they will become diluted.  I enjoy letting everyone get a chance to read my posts and comment and discuss among each other.  I like the idea of posing questions and receiving comments from all my readers.

However, I still enjoy my “Plays of the Week” posts and other quick and informative notes about other topics or information I am reading on other websites.  If I were to post on everything I wanted to share, it would be difficult for you as a reader to truly find the educational articles on this site and participate in any discussions.

Hence the development of a newsletter.  I hesitate to call it a “weekly” newsletter as I likely will send one out about 2 times a month.

Benefits of Subscribing to my FREE Newsletter

  • Additional quick clinical commentaries and pearls not found on this website
  • Links to other great information and videos around the web.  The newsletter will now officially replace the very popular “Plays of the Week” posts.
  • Answers to reader questions.  I am looking forward to this one.  Realistically, I receive A LOT of emails from this website and I do my best to answer them.  I have found that there are many questions that all my readers would like benefit from hearing.
  • Recaps of some of the great discussions on this website
  • Special offers, contests, and promotions from myself and AdvancedCEU.com
  • And more things to come!

Best of all, the newsletter is free.  And trust me, I hate spam too, you will not be bombarded with spam and your email will not be shared.


Plus, subscribe now and receive these 3 FREE BONUSES:

  • eBook – My new 36-page eBook on the evaluation and treatment of patellofemoral pain – “Solving the Patellofemoral Mystery”
  • Webinar – 5 Things You Need to Understand to Master Functional Rehab and Performance
  • Protocol – A copy of my newly updated rehab protocol following “Accelerated ACL Reconstruction” I’ve written with Kevin Wilk and James Andrews

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now below!

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