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Watch My Live Q&A Session

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording of my Live Q&A Session is now available!

Live Q&A Session

mike reinold inner circleEach year I like to end with a live Q&A session for Inner Circle members.  It’s one of my favorite webinars of the year and we cover a lot of various topics!

In this webinar, some of the question I discuss:

  • What are my thoughts on the current movement towards mobility, self-myofascial release, and voodoo bands
  • Treatment recommendations for shoulder impingement
  • Advice on how to get involved in sports medicine
  • Why I don’t do a lot of pec stretching
  • How I integrate single leg training into programs
  • How we operate some of our systems at Champion PT and Performance
  • How to get started in cash-based physical therapy
  • My thoughts of ACL graft choice in a young athlete
  • The use of overspeed training
  • And more!

To access this webinar:

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