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Hi. I’m Mike Reinold.

I’m a physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, performance enhancement specialist.  After working for many years with such prestigious organizations such as The Boston Red Sox, The American Sports Medicine Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, I  founded Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston, MA.  At Champion, we help people feel better, move better, and perform better with an integrated approach to physical therapy, fitness, and sports performance.  Champion also features a acclaimed baseball performance program in our amazing baseball training facility.

Welcome to my home on the web, where I share with you my research, experience, and thoughts behind how I integrate rehabilitation, fitness, performance, and sports medicine.

I want to help you or your clients feel better, move better, and perform better.

My goal is simple – share what I have I learned over the years and what I am currently learning today. I believe we should always be pushing ourselves to grow and become better.  I continue to grow every day and want you to grow with me.

It’s hard to stay on top of the research.  I’ll help you stay cutting edge.

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What Others Say About Mike Reinold

I’ve been lucky to work with Mike my entire career. Mike can help you excel at your sport or get back from an injury better than anyone.

Jon Lester2-Time MLB All-Star and World Series Champion

There is no one I trust more to rehab an injury or enhance your performance, Mike is simply the best.

Josh Beckett3-time MLB All-Star, 2-time World Series Champion

Having known Mike for many years, I have trusted him in the care of my patients and athletes. Mike and his team can help you return from injury and take your performance to the next level.

James Andrews, MDWorld-Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon

Mike Reinold, the “Injury Whisper,” is one the most influential people in health and fitness. The former Head Athletic Trainer and physical therapist for the Boston Red Sox now runs Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston. His specialty is helping professional athletes recover from injury and return to peak performance.


Winner of the Best Physical Therapy Blog Award for multiple years.

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