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With all the information out there these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  I get it, I was in your shoes too.

I’ve been a physical therapist, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and performance enhancement specialist for over 20 years.  After working for many years with such prestigious organizations such as The Boston Red Sox, The American Sports Medicine Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, I co-founded Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston, MA.

Welcome to my website, where I share with you my research, experience, and thoughts behind how I integrate rehabilitation, fitness, performance training, and sports medicine.  Be sure to check out my award winning blog, my top-ranked podcast, and all my acclaimed online educational programs below.

My goal is simple – share what I have learned over the years and what I am currently learning today.  Evidence combined with experience.  I believe we should always be pushing ourselves to grow and become better.  I continue to grow every day and want you to grow with me.

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Clinical Examination
Mike Reinold

Shoulder Impingement – 3 Keys to the Evaluation and Treatment

Shoulder impingement is a really broad term that is used too often. It has become such a commonly used junk term, such as “patellofemoral pain.”

Unfortunately, the use of such a broad term as a diagnosis is not helpful to determine the treatment process. There is no magical “shoulder impingement protocol” that you can pull out of your notebook and apply to a specific person.

I wish it were that simple.

To make the treatment process for shoulder impingement a little more simple, there are 3 things that I typically consider to classify and differentiate shoulder impingement.

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Ask Mike Reinold Show
Ask Mike Reinold Podcast
Mike Reinold

Enhancing Strength and Stability in Athletes

I really feel to optimize movement and maximize performance, you need to work on both strength and stability. I’ve been teaching that for years. But sometimes people need to focus on one more than the other.
Here’s how we try to integrate the two concepts with our patients and athletes.

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