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There are a ton of tools and gadgets out there.  Over the years, I’ve tried so many to find the ones that can be real game-changers.  Some stick around, some don’t.

Here are the critical few that I believe in so much that we use them every day at Champion.  I only promote those products or services that I personally use and truly feel deliver value to you.

I am an affiliate for some of these tools, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  In fact, for many of these, I have been able to secure an exclusive discount for you.  But my recommendations are ALWAYS authentic and something I consider genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I may receive.  I never have and never will recommend a product that I don’t sincerely believe in or personally use myself.


Rehabilitation and Training Tools

Some of my favorite tools that we use every day with our rehabilitation and training programs.

ANCORE Cable Training

The amazing cable training system that can fit in the palm of your hand. Easily add smooth cable resistance exercises in any setting for a fraction of the cost of a weight stack or Keiser machine.

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mTrigger Biofeedback

Biofeedback is an amazing technology we should all be using to enhance motor control. The mTrigger is a new affordable option on the market and a great product.

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Blazepods are awesome tools to develop reaction time, speed, and agility in athletes. They've become a key part of our neurocognitive rehabilitation as well.

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Khaos Water Products

Kahos water tubes and balls are a great way to enhance neuromuscular control. These are great tools for both rehab and sports performance.

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Golf Forever Swing Trainer

The Golf Forever Swing Trainer tool is great for golfers and all rotational athletes. It combines a combination of resistance training and an overweight swing training tool in one complete package.

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NekGenic Neck Pillow

Zamat's cervical traction pillow is something that I recommend for people with neck pain and headaches. It helps me relax when I have neck pain and tension headaches.

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Incrediwear Compression

Incrediwear has some of the best compression garments on the market right now. We use these all the time for our patients and athletes, especially their knee and elbow sleeves.

Blood Flow Restriction

All the cuffs and tools you need to get started using BFR quickly, easily, and affordably

SmartCuffs 4.0

The Smart Cuffs 4.0 version is even better. These are some of the best cuffs on the market, now with an automated pump that determines the best pressure and maintains it through the exercises, plus a new IPC recovery mode. This is my top recommendation for healthcare and fitness professionals. 

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Airbands BFR Cuffs

AirBands are wireless and automatically calibrate and inflate based on each person, with the pump attached right to the band.

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B Strong BFR Cuffs

These bands are comfortable and have a unique design with pockets or air, making it very hard to apply too much occlusion. You will need a doppler or pulse oximeter to measure LOP%.

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Edge BFR Cuffs

For those looking for a more budget-friendly set of BFR cuffs, The Edge BFR cuffs are a great option. Their single bladder design and material are comfortable and easy to clean. You will need a doppler or pulse oximeter to measure LOP%.

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Doppler Ultrasound Unit

An affordable and easy-to-use ultrasound unit to determine limb occlusion pressure when using blood flow restriction training.

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Finger Pulse Oximeter

While not as fast or accurate as a doppler unit, a finger pulse oximeter unit is a cheaper and easier alternative to determine limb occlusion pressure when using blood flow restriction training.

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Some of my favorite instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools

Smart Tools IASTM

Another blade-style stainless steel tool, which I like, with very high quality from Smart Tools. My favorite is STM4. This tool is more expensive but definitely finer quality.

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Dolphin IASTM Tool

Still one of my favorite designs, this stainless steel tool fits comfortably in your hand as a blade-style IASTM tool.

Edge IASTM Tool

The Swiss Army knife of IASTM tools, the Edge is an affordable stainless steel tool with a variety of edges and grips to work on any body part.

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Edge Cups

I very much prefer the silicone cups over the ones that need a hand pump. They are much more versatile. This is by far my favorite design with the hourglass shape.

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Edge Mobility Band

These 7 foot long bands can be used for manual therapy, self-myofascial release, stretching, and dynamic mobility drills.

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