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Customer Service / Technical Support

Use this contact form if you have customer service or technical support questions for any of my educational programs. This email goes directly to the support staff at AdvancedCEU.com, who will respond shortly to help you with your issue.

Rehab or Train With Champion

Use this contact form if you want to rehab or train with us at my gym in Boston, Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. My team and I see people for 1x consults as well as ongoing physical therapy, personal training, and sports performance training.

Questions for Me

I have an online Inner Circle mentorship program where I answer clinical questions to members in my community. I have also started a podcast to answer questions about rehab, fitness, performance, baseball, business, or really anything else!

General Contact

Use this contact form if you have a general question. I get A LOT of emails and try my best to respond. I do not respond to emails regarding customer service, tech support, clinical advice, or medical issues, please use the other forms on this page if you have any issues with any of my products.