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Want to learn how to safely and effectively start using BFR for rehabilitation and performance training?

SAVE $50 NOW THROUGH 1/28/24

SAVE $50 NOW THROUGH 1/28/24!


Learning BFR doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive

When I first heard of blood flow restriction training, I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go in our professions.

I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon, but as more and more evidence continued to be published, it was starting to become clear that BFR is something we should be considering.

So we started using BFR and experimenting on how to best apply it with our patients and athletes.  The research speaks for itself, but more importantly, our clinical results also speak for themselves.

Think about this…

In the past, when you worked with someone that had an injury, surgery, or was just deconditioned, you weren’t able to maximize strength gains because they weren’t able to load exercises enough, right?.  Heck, maybe that’s why ACLs are taking so long to return to sport, or those tendinopathies keep recurring in people!

But with BFR, we can safely get those strength gains with less loads!  The implications for this are HUGE!

One of the people that I always leaned on as I was learning BFR was my friend Dan Lorenz.  Dan is an amazing physical therapist and had been using BFR for years.  He really knows the science inside and out.  So I wanted to team up with Dan to teach you how to get started with BFR.

Unfortunately, like any other new technique, there is a lot of confusion surrounding BFR, with lots of misconceptions floating around.

That’s why we created this course.  We want to help.  BFR does not need to be complicated to learn or expensive to use.  We don’t want either of those to be barriers to you getting started.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to learn the science, then how to safely and effectively apply BFR in both the rehab and performance settings.  But more importantly, we’ll show you how we use BFR and what has worked for us so that you can get started right away and eliminate the learning curve!

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~ Mike Reinold & Dan Lorenz

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What Can Our BFR Course Do for You?

BFR blood flow restriction training online course

Recently Updated for 2024 with the Latest Evidence!


We’ll show you exactly how to get started, set up, and use BFR equipment. We’ll even show you a variety of recommended BFR cuffs at different price points.


BFR is an exciting new technique with proven effectiveness. We’ll show you how you can use BFR for rehabilitation, performance, and recovery.


BFR has been shown to be safe and effective at reducing atrophy, restoring strength, maximizing hypertrophy, and enhancing aerobic capacity.


Word travels fast. Expand your practice, become sought after, and work with the type of people you enjoy helping every day.

What Can Our BFR Course Do for You?

Online BFR course reinold lorenz

9 Detailed Lessons

Learn from comprehensive videos and presentations covering everything you need to know about BFR training, including:

  • The History of BFR
  • The science behind the safety and efficacy of BFR
  • BFR equipment options
  • Applying the cuffs and determining the appropriate pressure
  • Using BFR in the rehabilitation & performance settings
  • Case studies and examples
  • Recently updated with the latest evidence

The Science Behind the Safety and Efficacy of BFR

BFR has been shown to have numerous benefits and can be safely applied to a wide variety of people.  We’ll discuss the history of BFR and the evolution of our knowledge to determine the best evidence-based applications.

Choosing the Best BFR Equipment

There are a lot of BFR cuffs and equipment on the market, some good, some bad.  We’ll go over everything you need to consider when choosing equipment.  Luckily, there are affordable options so everyone can get started using BFR.  

Plus, we have a bunch of discounts for the ones we recommend!

How to Apply BFR and Determine the Appropriate Pressure

In order to get reliable results, you need to be consistent with the application of the cuffs.  Then, you need a system to determine the right amount of pressure to be as safe and effective as possible.

Using BFR in the Rehabilitation and Performance Settings

There are several different ways to use BFR, we’ll show you how we use BFR in the rehabilitation and training settings, including a variety of case studies as examples.

CEU Credit

Need CEUs for your physical therapy or athletic training license?  The course is approved for 6 CEU hours for physical therapists and athletic trainers.   See the FAQ below for all the details.

BFR CEU Certificate

Don’t Take Our Word For It

See What Past Students Are Saying…

“I’ve seen great results using BFR in both my patients and athletes.  Mike and Dan’s course does a great job teaching you how to easily get started using BFR.  I highly recommend it.”

Dan Pope
Boston, MA

“This course did a great job teaching me everything I needed to use BFR in the clinic. I have a much better understanding of how to safely perform BFR now.”

Ray Stotser
Birmingham, AL

“I can definitely say that I feel really comfortable using BFR now that I’ve gone through this course, and I have a much better approach to getting consistent results.”

Eric King
Milwaukee, WI

Ready to Get Started Using Blood Flow Restriction Training?

I know you’re going to love the program, and soon be confidently using BFR on a variety of people. Learning BFR doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. 

If you’re ready to get started, enroll now for only:


I know you’re going to love the program, and soon be confidently using BFR on a variety of people. Learning BFR doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. 

The course is on sale for $50 off this week, now through Sunday 1/28/24.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts right when you enroll! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. You’ll get immediate access to the entire course, however, we suggest you go in order through the material.

You can access the course from any internet-connected device. This includes all computers, tablets, and phones. You have 24/7 access to the material from anywhere in the world with internet.

You’ll have lifetime ongoing access to the course!

Yes, the course has been approved for physical therapists, in most states, and athletic trainers for 6.0 CEU contact hours.

Redefine Health Education (RHE) has contracted with our organization to offer this course. 

This course has been approved by the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA) BOC for 6.0 Category A CEU hours.  The Advanced Continuing Education Institute is a NATA Approved Provider.

If you would like to submit for approval for other boards or organizations, we provide all the necessary information.

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Yes!  All of the course videos have subtitles in English as well as these other languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic