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Cardio for Fat Loss, Health Benefits of Tea, and Managing Training Stress

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Alwyn Cosgrove,, and T Nation.


Inner Circle Update

My next Inner Circle webinar on ‘My Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises” will be on Friday September 28th at 10:00 AM EST.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend, I will post a recording ASAP, however the more the better for the live webinar, it really enhances the Q&A at the end.  Log in to the Inner Circle dashboard to register for the live webinar or click here to learn more about joining my Inner Circle program.


[hr] Update

The new webinar of the week was Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes by Brandon Beckett, ATC, CSCS and Mike Ryan ATC, CSCS.  Still a ton more coming, making this the most exceptional educational value on the internet!  Learn more about



How Long Should We Do Cardio For Fat Loss?

Alwyn Cosgrove examines a recent journal article that demonstrated that performing 30 minutes of cardio was more beneficial for weight loss than 60 minutes.  Sure does make you think doesn’t it?  Again, this is a topic that I have talked about from the Abs Diet and why I still think it is a great book.



Health Benefits of Tea has a nice summary of the many health benefits of drinking tea.  I love their nice website and links to research articles, they do a good job at



Managing Training Stress

Eric Auciello writes a nice article on T Nation about managing training stress.  This is an often overlooked topic for strength and performance training.  I thought it was nice to see info on this topic.






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