Deadlift Analysis, Art of Simple, and 5 Goals and Strategies

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Kevin Cann, Tony Gentilcore, and Dean Somerset.

Inner Circle Updates

mike reinold inner circleMy Last webinar recording on “The Science Behind Blood Flow Restriction Training” is now available to watch as well.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the proposed acute physiologic response to blood flow restriction (BFR) training
  • Explaining the effectiveness of BFR in promoting muscle hypertrophy, strength gains, and improved performance in both patients with injuries and athletes
  • Determining the appropriate parameters for BFR application
  • Understanding the safety concerns associated with BFR
  • My recommendation on affordable BFR devices so you can get started using it too
  • Inner Circle members click here to access the webinar

Not an Inner Circle Member yet?!?  In addition to these webinars and this month’s exclusive discount, Inner Circle members have access to years worth of webinars, an exclusive member-only forum to interact, and more!


The #AskMikeReinold Show

On this week’s episode of The #AskMikeReinold show we have another baseball related episode.  We talk about restoring GIRD (loss of shoulder IR), using weighted balls during the rehab process, and discuss some PRI techniques for shoulder motion.

To see past episodes, subscribe, and ask us a question for the show please click below:




A Biomechanical Analysis of the Deadlift: Conventional vs Sumo

Kevin Cann has an article up on talking about the differences between deadlifting in the conventional or sumo style:

The Lost Art of Simple

Tony Gentilcore has an article up on talking about how nothing is simple any more, but it could be:

5 Goals, 5 Strategies

Dean Somerset has an article up on talking about understanding your goal and having a strategy to achieve it:



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