DOMS, Setting New Year’s Resolutions, and Finding Movement Providers

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Brandon Roberts, Molly Galbraith, and Ryan DeBell.

Delayed Muscle Soreness, New Year's Resolutions, and a Movement Provider Near You

Inner Circle Updates

My Last webinar recording “Live Q&A Recording” is available to watch. We did a Facebook Live Q&A session in the private Inner Circle Facebook group.  I thought it went awesome! It was a great platform that we tried for the first time and we’ll definitely be doing that again. We had a ton of great questions about rehab, fitness, starting your own practice, and more.

Later this month I’ll be posting a great webinar on the research behind Blood Flow Restriction training.  Stay tuned…

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The #AskMikeReinold Show

On this week’s episode of The #AskMikeReinold show we celebrate the 50th episode with a surprise guest, then discuss certifications for new grads, shoulder biomechanics, and how we deal with chronic pain

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The Science of Sore – DOMS explained

Brandon Roberts has an article up on talking about delayed onset muscle soreness.  Really impressive and well thought out review:

Why 92% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail (and How To Set One That Won’t)

Molly Galbraith has an article up on talking about how to succeed in your New Year’s Resolution.  Always great stuff from Molly:

Find a Movement Provider Near You

My friend Ryan DeBell has a new website to help people find like-minded PT’s, coaches, and more all focused on enhancing movement quality.  I think it is a great idea.  There are some directories like this for certain professions, but having a variety of disciplines with the same mindset, all listed in one source is a great fit. It’s called, and all of us at Champion are listed, you should get listed too: