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Diagnostic Accuracy of Clinical Tests of the Hip [Video Demos]

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Michael Reiman and the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


Inner Circle and Updates

My last webinar on “Why Corrective Exercises Do Not Always Work and What to Do About It” was recorded earlier this week.  I thought this was an important topic to present as corrective exercises have become so popular and are not always applied correctly.  Next month’s webinar is going to be an instructional video on how to integrate rhythmic stabilization drills to enhance dynamic stability.  As with anything, there are some advanced considerations that can really help you maximize your results.  I’ll announce the specific date over the next couple of weeks. has a bunch of awesome new webinars coming up over the next few months.  The new webinars are going to really detail several surgical techniques with video demonstrations and information on postopertative rehabilitation.  I have seen the first few and they are outstanding quality.  The first one is on surgery for posterior shoulder instability from Lyle Cain and Kevin Wilk.



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Hip Examination Videos

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has recently published a great article by Michael Reiman from Duke University on the diagnostic accuracy of clinical tests for the hip.  While the article itself is a great resource, Dr. Reiman also recorded a series of videos for the BJSM that are available for free on Youtube.  There are 12 videos of various clinical exam tests for the hip based on the article.

Here is the introduction video, but click through to the link above to view the entire playlist:


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  1. Mike Reiman
    Mike Reiman says:


    Thanks for the post. It is amazing to see the recent literature explosion on the hip. It is my hope that these videos will help the clinician with their hip exam. Unfortunately, as with many other areas of the body, special testing of the hip has noted limitations. Please refer to the article or look at the tables at the end of each video for the diagnostic accuracy of each test.
    We have plenty of room for improvement on hip special testing!
    It is important that a comprehensive exam is implemented for the hip pain client. For example, not having groin pain and the lack of clicking/catching in the hip is very helpful to assist with ruling out the potential for labral tear.
    Thanks again,

    Mike Reiman, PT

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