Stuff You Should Read

Do FMS Correctives Work and Coaching a New Exercise

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Steve Long and Mike Robertson.


Inner Circle and Update

I really enjoyed last week’s webinar on shoulder impingement.  We talked about the different types of impingement and essentially how to assess, treat, and train around shoulder impingement.  It is now live up on the website for Inner Circle members to view. posted part II of Tom Myers webinars on the Anatomy Trains concept for rehab and fitness professionals.  This is some powerful stuff, guys, you need to check it out.  Click here to learn more about Anatomy Trains in Rehabilitation and Fitness.



Do FMS Correctives Really Work?

Steve Long from Smart Group Training has a nice post asking if FMS correctives actually work.  He discusses some tips if you feel like the correctives aren’t working for you.





Coaching a New Exercise

Mike Robertson has a great video discussing his 4 steps on coaching a new exercise.  Physical therapists – take note, this is how it is done, we need to learn from the strength and conditioning community here.