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Hamstring Strains, Neural Tension, Lower Body Cross Syndrome, and Arthrokinematics

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Todd Hargrove, Phil Page, and Erson Religioso.

Hamstring Strain and Adverse Neural Tension

Todd Hargrove talks about hamstring strains and neural tension.  Something we discussed over at the forum.  Before to check out Chris Johnson’s contribution in the forum on hamstring flexibility as he shares some of his great upcoming research findings on the topic.

What is the Difference Between Lower Body Cross Type A and B?

Phil Page describes the difference between the type A and type B lower body cross syndrome as described by Janda.  I would add that my patients that are Type A tend to have a lot of collagen laxity, it isn’t always a core issue in my mind, the really loose people need to rock back into recurvatum of the knees for stability.

Joint Arthrokinematics

Erson Religioso shared an truly amazing document developed by Corey Simon detailing all the specific joint arthrokinematics.  Now this is comprehensive!  Well done!

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  1. Todd Hargrove
    Todd Hargrove says:


    Thank you for the link!

    And for your work on this blog. I really enjoyed your recent post on the trigger point issue and your moderation of the comments. A great example of healthy debate. Mostly:)

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