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Hidden Benefits of Exercise, Fish Oil, and Sports Rehab and Performance Experts

Mike Reinold Stuff You Should ReadThis week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from the Huffington Post, T-Nation, and SportsRehabExpert.com.

Inner Circle Updates

My latest Inner Circle webinar 5 Ways to Incorporate Movement in Your Programs is available. I received a lot of feedback and requests to elaborate on this topic after my past webinar on corrective exercises. In this presentation, I talk about the need to change our focus away from “corrective exercise” and towards “enhancing movement.”  Really just a shift in focus, not technique, but an important concept to consider.

This webinar will cover:

  • I discuss if we have gone too far with “corrective exercises”
  • I overview simply ways to shift your focus towards movement quality
  • How I integrate movement into various portions of my programs
  • Why I think this is all so important

To access this webinar:

Also, I like to offer a special discount for my Inner Circle members each month.This month Eric Cressey and I are offering 20% off our Optimal Shoulder Performance DVD.  This is Eric and I’s first collaboration that sets the foundation for success when rehabbing and training the shoulder.  Inner Circle members can log into the dashboard to see how to get the discounts!


RehabWebinars.com Updates

Michael J. Axe, MD discusses The Use of Performance Enhancing Athletic Wear.  In this presentation Dr. Axe discusses uses and evidence for various forms of athletics wear. This presentation will:

  • Discuss and define cost, care, and outcome regarding athletic wear.
  • Overview different types of garments.
  • Discuss athletic wear as a strengthening tool.

Please visit RehabWebinars.com to learn more about joining and accessing this webinar and more than 100 other great webinars:


The #AskMikeReinold Show

We had two episodes of the podcast this week!  In episode 9 of The #AskMikeReinold show we talk about movement assessments, hip flexor tightness, and cookie cutter approaches.  In episode 10, we talk about systems of assessment for new grads, repetitive lumbar strains in athletes, and strength for shoulder instability in weightlifters.  PLUS…  Dave Tilley joins the show for his first episode!  To see past episodes, subscribe, and ask us a question for the show please click below:


Are Velocity Programs to Blame for the Rise in Pitching Injuries?

The article I published yesterday may be the most important article on baseball injuries that I have ever written. Velocity programs using weighted balls and long toss have become VERY popular. They do enhance velocity, but at what cost? I use and am a fan of both, but we MUST understand the science behind velocity programs.  We are overdosing and hurting kids.  Please read and share this article to help spread the word:


2016 Sports Rehab Expert Series

Joe Heiler’s 2016 SportsRehabExpert Teleseminar Series started last week with a great interview from Charlie Weingroff.  My interview goes live this Tuesday!  Check out this awesome group of interviews with some really smart people.  Plus…  It’s free.  #nobrainer:


4 Hidden Benefits of Exercise

As a fitness professional, I like articles like this one from Fabian Markl on the Huffington Post that discuss 4 hidden benefits of exercise.  This is the type of info we need to promote more:


Are You Using Fish Oil Correctly?

Fish oil is one of the most commonly recommended supplements, but TC Luoma discusses how to assure we are using this great supplement correctly on T-Nation: