Modifying Squats, Ankle Sprains, and Training Older Clients

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Ryan DeBell, Scott Buxton, and Evan Osar.


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My Last webinar recording on “5 Recommendations to Kick Start Your PT Career” is now available to watch as well. In this presentation, I talk about some of the important things that any student or new physical therapist or strength coach should focus on early in their career.  I’m amazed at some of the things I hear from students and see online.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why you shouldn’t sell your soul to one specific “system”
  • The ONE most important thing you need to work on to be effective
  • How to always be learning but also gaining skill, not just knowledge
  • Why you shouldn’t rush into starting a private practice


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On this week’s episode of The #AskMikeReinold show we talk about quadriceps to hamstring ratio in ACL rehabilitation, the choice between a PhD and a DPT, and if we would pass the PT boards right now!

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Stuff You Should Read

Modifying the Squat to Get Rid of Hip Pinching

Ryan DeBell has an article up on talking about how to protect from hip pinches by changing up your squats:

2016 Consensus Statement of the International Ankle Consortium: Consequences of Lateral Ankle Sprains

Scott Buxton has an article up on talking about the consequences of ankle sprains:

Key Core Training Strategy for Training Older Clients with Spinal Dysfunction – Part 1

Evan Osar has an article up on talking about training older clients: