Enhancing the Overhead Press, Optimal Breathing, and Smart Group Training

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Steve Long and Jared Woolever of Smart Group Training.


Inner Circle Updates

Smart Group TrainingThis month is the first month that I am giving away a free product to a lucky Inner Circle Member and sharing a big discount for everyone else!  This month’s products are a few great ones from my friends Steve Long and Jared Woolever from Smart Group Training.

Steve and Jared have several great products that show their system on how to assess movement patterns using the FMS and then great customized group training programs.  Hence, “Smart Group Training.”  These are great for fitness professionals and rehab professionals even if you don’t exclusively perform group training, as you can apply the information to anyone.

They are offering huge discounts from 33-50% off on three of their programs just for Inner Circle members this month:

  • Smart Group Training – Volume 1: Assessment and Exercise Program Design Using the FMS (online version) – $50 off
  • Smart Group Training 365 – A collection of group training programming using the Smart Group Training system for an entire year – $100 off
  • Smart Group Training: Building a Foundation – A program to work on your fundamental movement patterns – $50 off

That is $200 in savings on great educational products just by being a member of my Inner Circle, which is still only $5 per month!  All members can get these discounts as long as the purchase by the end of the month.  Links to receive your exclusive discount are located in the Inner Circle Dashboard.

Congratulations to Magnus Vestergaard Petersen from Denmark on being this month’s winner!  New winners and new products will be announced each month.

My latest Inner Circle webinar was an update on how I set up my social media system to stay current.  This webinar overviews my system of monitoring websites, journals, and social media for all the latest information.   I never stop reading and trying to learn new things.  You can set up a similar system for yourself too.  The recording is now available below.  I’ll announce this month’s webinar topic and date soon.



RehabWebinars.com Updates

RehabWebinars.com just published a new presentation on Hip Arthroscopy, by Bentom Emblom, MD of ASMI in Birmingham, AL.  This presentation discusses and demonstrates the surgical procedures for hip injuries like labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement.



3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Optimal Breathing

In keeping with the Smart Group Training theme, here is a post from them on how to incorporate breathing into your programs.



Building a Foundation for the Overhead Press

Here is another great example of the Smart Group Training system.  Steve and Jared breakdown some of the corrective strategies they use to build a foundation for the overhead press.