Prep Your Hips For Squatting, Random Thoughts, and Helping Your Clients Do Toe Touches

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Ryan DeBell, Charlie Weingroff, and George Kalantzis.

Prep Your Hips For Squatting, Random Thoughts, and Helping Your Clients Do Toe Touches

Inner Circle Updates

My Last webinar recording on “How to Assess Thoracic Mobility” is available to watch.

This webinar covers:

  • The key things I look at to assess thoracic mobility
  • How to integrate posture, thoracic movements, and functional movements
  • How to assess for compensation elsewhere when the thoracic spine is limited


Not an Inner Circle Member yet?!?  In addition to these webinars and this month’s exclusive discount, Inner Circle members have access to years worth of webinars, an exclusive member-only forum to interact, and more! Updates has a new presentation up from Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD on Alternative Treatment for UCL Injury: PRP, Stem Cells, and Alternative Surgical Techniques.

This presentation will:

  • Review anatomy of the elbow.
  • Discuss procedure and efficacy of PRP and stem cell treatments.
  • Discuss alternative techniques including Docking Technique and DANE.
  • Discuss new technique with the possibility of quicker recovery times.

Please visit to learn more about joining and accessing this webinar and more than 100 other great webinars:


The #AskMikeReinold Show

On this week’s episode of The #AskMikeReinold show we talk about how we progress postoperative patients, becoming an academic or clinical physical therapist, and how to program for former overhead athletes.

To see past episodes, subscribe, and ask us a question for the show please click below:


How to Prep Your Hips for Squatting

Ryan DeBell has an video up on talking about prepping your hips for squatting:

Random Thoughts

Charlie Weingroff has an article up on talking about his random thoughts.  I always enjoy Charlie’s brian dumps:

The Importance of Toe Touches, and How to Help Clients Do Them

George Kalantzis has an article up on talking about how to help your clients do toe touches properly: