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Proper Kettlebell Swing Form and Online Outcome Scores

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Bret Contreras and


Inner Circle and Update

This month I’ll be hosting 2 live Q&A webinars for Inner Circle members.  December is always a tough month so I wanted to host two different sessions, one in the AM and one in the PM, to try to accomodate as many as possible.  The first one was a few days ago on Monday and the second is tonight at 8:30 EST.  I’ll have recordings of both up on the website ASAP.  It’s not too late to register.  Inner Circle members click here to register or click here to join my Inner Circle.

Next month we’ll get back into it and talk about ways you can enhance your assessment and treatment of shoulder impingement. is still pumping out awesome webinars every week!  We originally discussed having maybe 1-2 new webinars a month since it is only $19.95 a month to subscribe, but they have really outperformed and had a new webinar every week since the summer!  This week’s webinar is a great overview of the current treatment options for articular cartilage lesions by Dr. Jeff Dugas.  Great talk overviewing things like microfracture and ACI.  Learn more about


Proper Kettlebell Swing Form

Bret Contreras reviews the proper form for kettlebell swings.  Lots of great videos Bret!  Nice complimentary article now that you have started to integrate kettlebells into your shoulder rehab.


Outcome Scores Online

A friend of mine just recently turned me on to a website that has a great variety of outcome scales online.  You can fill them out online and it even grades them.  Pretty neat way of implementing.




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