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Show and Go, ACL Rehabilitation, and Exercises to Target Specific Hamstring Muscles

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Eric Cressey and Sports Medicine Research.  Also, who likes my new logo at the top of the page?  I was finding just my name in plain text was boring.  Yes, that is my hand writing, and yes, I write in all capitals.  I don’t know why, I’ve been doing that since elementary school…


Inner Circle Update

My webinar from last week has been posted!  We spent an hour talking about how to use science and evidence to enhance your exercise selection.  This is a topic I love as I really feel like this concept can really set you apart.  To view the webinar, make sure you are logged in and then go to the Using Science to Enhance Exercise webinar page.

My next webinar will discuss my top 5 tweaks to really enhance hip exercises.  I’ll announce the date sometime later in the month.  Join now for only 5 bucks and get access to all future and past webinars.


[hr] Update

This week’s webinar is an awesome contribution from Dr. Stephen O’Brien on his treatment algorithm and approach to injuries to the biceps labrum complex.  The biceps as a contributor to shoulder pain is a HOT topic right now!  You can’t go to a meeting without this topic coming up.  There is no better expert than Dr. O’Brien, who you may recognize from the SLAP O’Brien test that he popularized.  It is expert talks like this that makes so outstanding and filled with resources you just can’t get anywhere else.

There were also a bunch of new ones added last week if you missed it, including talks on Peripheral Neuropathy, Surgical Options for Arthritis in the Young Patient, and Part 2 of Kevin Wilk’s webinar series on Current Concepts in ACL Rehabilitation.



Cressey’s Show and Go

My friend Eric Cressey is putting his popular Show and Go program on sale for the week.  It’s on sale for $50 off until the end of the day Sunday.

Click here to get it now before the sale ends

I used the Show and Go program as my offseason workout last year and can say that it is a great program that you can use for many different types of people.  As a clinician, I see this as a way to learn the what, why, when, and where of strength and conditioning programming from an expert in the field.  Here is a webinar Eric did last year that discusses how he builds strength and conditioning programs for people with muscle imbalances, a topic that fits very well with us clinicians:


Click here to get it now before the sale ends


Exercises to Target Specific Hamstring Muscles

Sports Medicine Research posted a summary of a recent article that evaluated several different exercises and their ability to target specific muscles of the hamstring group.  This is important information when rehabilitating a specific hamstring injury, as well as when designing comprehensive programs.. We should essentially be sure to include exercises that target all aspects of the hamstrings.




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