Skater Squats, Sleep and Injuries, and Leon Chaitow in Boston Next Year

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Ben Bruno, Med Page Today, and Leon Chaitow.


Inner Circle and Updates

My next live Inner Circle webinar will be held the last week of November, I’m shooting for Monday morning the 26th but we’ll see.  I will be talking about how I stay current with the latest research and information, and how you can set up a similar system based on your interest.  I’ll announce the date ASAP.  Learn more about my Inner Circle. posted another must watch webinar from Kevin Wilk on rehabilitation following UCL Reconstruction in the Overhead Athlete.  There is no one on the planet that you want to learn how to rehab Tommy John’s from besides Kevin.  Kevin discusses the rehab approach and new techniques they are using.  Click here for more information on



Skater Squat Progressions

We’ll chalk this up to good timing.  Ben Bruno recently posted a bunch of videos showing some progressions of skater squats that he performs.  This coincides well with my recent presentation at the Boston Sports Symposium on Functional Stability Training for the Lower Extremity.  Still working on the next segment of FST, but this post from Ben is a good progression from what I discussed.



Sleep Linked to Injuries

Med Page Today has an article discussing the correlation between a lack of sleep and increased rate of injuries.  The article cites a paper from the American Academy of Pediatrics and notes that sleeping less than 8 hours showed a statistically significant increase in injuries in adolescent sports.  I was more surprised to read that 77% of the students reported sleeping less than 8 hours.  I guess kids are staying up later now but I remember being able to easily sleep 10-12 hours!  Perhaps all these energy drinks…


Leon Chaitow Teaching in Boston

I am super excited to announce to my readers that Leon Chaitow will be in Boston next year and has agreed to conduct a one day seminar with my friend Katie Adams.  Leon does not get to the states very often so this has easily jumped to the top of the list of seminars to attend next year.   The seminar will on Manual Therapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders and will be held Wednesday April 24, 2013 in Boston.  This should be a great seminar discussing concepts from his book on Breathing Pattern Disorders, which I would recommend.  Click here to learn more and register for the seminar.

Chaitow Seminar



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