Strength Exercise Vital, Strength Training Model For Rehab, Download Our Free Arm Program

Strength Training, Progressive Overload, Free Arm Care Program

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Inner Circle Updates mike reinold inner circle

My Last webinar recording on “How to Perform Lower Body Plyometrics” is now available to watch. In this presentation, I demonstrate the different types of plyometric exercises you can perform for the lower body and show some of my favorite progressions.

This webinar will cover:

  • The different types of plyometric exercises you can perform for the lower body
  • How I progress from two leg to one leg drills
  • How I progress different planes of motions
  • The keys to choosing the best exercise for your goal
  • Inner Circle members click here to access the webinar

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The #AskMikeReinold Show ask mike reinold show

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about when to get back to overhead press after rotator cuff repair, how to stay current, and what to do with chronic and persistent neurogenic symptoms.

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If you have any interest in baseball performance, training, or rehabilitation, you are going to want to check out my new website at

The mission of the site is to provide cutting edge, but trustworthy, information to enhance baseball performance.  There’s too much crap on the internet right now about baseball.  I want to fix this and create an ultimate resource for every baseball player, parent, coach, rehab specialist, and strength specialist.

I’ve developed an amazing advisory board and contributors like Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Glenn Fleisig of ASMI, MLB players Josh Beckett and Craig Breslow, MLB athletic trainers Stan Conte and Ken Crenshaw, and other amazing people like Eric Cressey, Alan Jaeger, Paul Reddick, Lantz Wheeler and more.

We have a bunch of great articles, resources we recommend, and even some educational programs available already.

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Stuff You Should Read

Strength Exercise Vital, Strength Training Model For Rehab, Download Our Free Arm Program

Strength Training as Vital as Aerobic Training

The largest study to compare the mortality outcomes of different types of exercise found people who did strength-based exercise had a 23 percent reduction in risk of premature death by any means, and a 31 percent reduction in cancer-related death.

Progressive Overload: A Strength Training Model for The Rehab Professional

Teddy Willsey has an article on Chris Butler’s website discussing the need for more progressive overload in the rehab setting.

Download My Free Arm Care Program for Baseball Players

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