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Physical Therapy or Surgery for a Meniscus Tear?

While recent research is showing similar results between physical therapy and surgery for a meniscus tear, there are still certain patients that would benefit from surgery. Not every patient, or meniscus tear, is the same. Here’s what we know about who will respond best from surgery, or physical therapy after a meniscus tear.

Meniscus Repair Rehabilitation: Why Are We Still Stuck in the 90’s?

Recent research supports the use of early weightbearing and range of motion after meniscus repair surgery. However, outdated rehabilitation protocols often recommend limiting both despite evidence stating the opposite.

Meniscus Repair or Meniscectomy? Comparison of Long Term Outcomes

There is an interesting study about to come out in an upcoming article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine comparing the outcomes of arthroscopic meniscus repair and partial meniscectomy.  The authors compared 42 patients undergoing meniscal repair to 39 patients undergoing partial meniscectomy at a mean of 8.8 years after surgery.  The authors specifically […]

Clinical Examination for Meniscus

Today’s post is a review of a recent meta-analysis looking at the accuracy of clinical tests for meniscal lesions from our friend Dan Lorenz, MS, PT, ATC/L, CSCS. RESEARCH UPDATE: Clinical Tests for Meniscal Lesions Dan Lorenz, MS, PT, ATC/L, CSCS It has been estimated that approximately 27% of all outpatient physical therapy visits are […]