How to Enhance Recovery Beyond Nutrition

Training sounds pretty simple on paper. Just eat right, sleep well, and lift a little bit more weight every workout. But every workout takes place in real life, and real life can make training pretty hard. To improve you need to train like an athlete. That doesn’t just mean going to the gym three times a week and downing a protein shake afterward. Optimal training only occurs when daily life doesn’t get in the way. Training like an athlete while working a full time job or going to school is not easy, but fixing weak points in your habits and lifestyle can help avoid training setbacks and plateaus.

Foam rolling for recovery

Foam Rolling for Recovery

A recent research report was published in the Journal of Athletic Training that looked at the effect of foam rolling after training on delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) and performance.

Eric Cressey

Understanding and Managing Fatigue

Today’s article is a guest post by Eric Cressey on not only understanding fatigue, but how to manage fatigue as well. This is a really interesting topic to me, as “recovery” is probably the next big area we need to really research and optimize so we can enhance performance for everyone from rehab patients, to fitness enthusiasts, to professional athletes. This is an invaluable lesson that rehabilitation specialists can pick up on from the strength and conditioning world, manage fatigue properly and you’ll see faster outcomes.