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Compression Therapy for Recovery

Recovery may be the biggest trend in fitness and sports performance. It’s not uncommon to experience muscle soreness or tension following intense training or the initiation of a new exercise regime.

Some soreness can be good, and even necessary, if … Read more >

How to Enhance Recovery Beyond Nutrition

Today’s guest post comes from Kamal Patel and the team at  If you haven’t heard of just yet, you’ve been missing out! is the web’s best resource for evidence-based information on nutrition and supplementation.  They are completely Read more >

Foam Rolling for Recovery

Foam rolling has become a popular component of most personal training and sports performance program.  It is simple to perform with cheap equipment.  But more importantly “it works.”

There has been quite a bit of debate on what “it works” … Read more >

Understanding and Managing Fatigue

Today’s article is a guest post by Eric Cressey on not only understanding fatigue, but how to manage fatigue as well.  This is a really interesting topic to me, as “recovery” is probably the next big area we need to … Read more >