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This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from The New York Times, Nick Grantham, and Update

If you missed it, I announced a huge discount on my 7-week online CEU program for the shoulder at  Sign up by the end of October for a huge $150 off and also get FREE access to  This is a huge deal on my critically acclaimed program worth 20 CEUs!



Inner Circle Update

This months webinar on my 5 Tips to Enhance Hip Exercises is going to be great tomorrow AM (Friday 9/28/12 at 10:00 EST).  I enjoy this topic and hope these simple little tweaks can help set you apart from the crowd.  The recording will be up in the Inner Circle dashboard if you can’t maker the live event.  I will announce next month’s webinar topic soon, I’m still trying to decide between a few.  Learn more about my Inner Circle here.


[hr] Update

Another great topic this week on the Role of Eccentric Exercise by Bob Mangine.  Bob is one of the godfathers of sports medicine in my mind and has been a huge influence on how I think about rehab.  This is a great topic that also discusses a bit of the concept of tendonitis vs. tendinosis that is so important to grasp.  There are a bunch more great topics coming this month, stay tuned!  Learn more about accessing this and all the other webinars at



Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

The New York times published an interesting article about a recent meta analysis published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.  This is a pretty big study funded by the NIH and includes over 18,000 patients.  Interesting results that will surely spark some debate, especially by those interested in the mechanism of pain relief.



Don’t Rely on Toys

Short and sweet one from Nick Grantham, who offers his advice about what equipment you should (or shouldn’t) be spending your cash on.  Well said, Nick.



27 Must Read Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Books

I thought this would be a great topic after discussing on Facebook the recent USA Today report that 36% of USA is obese and on pace to be 50% by 2030.  That is crazy.  Here is a list of good books to get started on America, thanks


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